40 years of Islamic revolution...

and it has been left to fester. I pray there will be no war, but if there is let it be swift and a total win with out sending in ground troops. We have let the Islamic terrorists continually murder any non muslims while supporting them. This needs to end, Salami was responsible for untold American and Christian deaths from around the world. Glad he was executed, just wish the news would portray his assassination like they did Osama bin landen. If this thing progresses and they really want to escalate it… Maybe it’s time we flushed out the sleeper cells and give the World a glimpse of just how strong the Islamic Terrorist threat really is… or hopefully isn’t.

40 years ? You’re so full of internal waste…more like 1,400 years.

The Middle East has a vast and complicated history. The majority of people in this region are Muslims who practice Islam. People who follow Islam follow the all-knowing God, Allah. Islamic history states that the Prophet Mohammad was the final prophet who was sent to reveal the word of Allah to all Muslims. Conflict in the Middle East goes back 1,400 years with the death of Mohammad in 632 A.D. Who was to take over for the prophet Mohammad? Two branches of Islam formed, Sunni and Shiite. Each had theological differences on the interpretation of the Qur’an (the central text Muslims abide by.) Over the centuries each sect began to develop their own cultures and doctrines to follow. The argument on who is the dominant sect continues to this day. However, contemporary conflicts are as much about power,politics, land, resources and rights as it is about sectarianism.


How come she didn’t get the Lara Logan treatment?

hmmmmm, maybe Raddatz could return and bring the black box back to Pelosi who can hold it for Iran until a dem President can return it with more cash?



Wow! Polly!
Wow! on two points.

First, I generally agree with your Cliff’s Notes on the history of Islam.
Second, while you chastised Fred, you said nothing that was inconsistent with what he said. Just gotta’ pick a fight?

RE: Islam, you’re correct that their perspective is a 7th Century perspective. Where I would disagree a little is that you seem to think Islam in the 6th and 7th centuries was not about “power, politics, land, and resources”. I think that was exactly what it was about. Mohamed was as much a military leader as religious leader during the last half of his life. He was all about conquest. Great book - Islamic Emperialism by Efraim Karsh, if you like history.

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Golly, no need to be so hateful bo. Put your hate aside, Open your eyes, and look at recent content. Sure Islam has been around a long long long time. I’ll bet if we sat down face to face I could tell you much more about Islam than you know or care to know.

You are so predictable. Has not there been a recent modern revolution over the last 40 years? Truth of the matter, no President (well maybe Regan to an extent) has had the fortitude to stand up to the wholesale terror tactics and B.S. from Iran… Until Trump. :smiley:

Since you want to name call , how about lets do this thing right and have a meaning full conversation? you are saying Islam is only 1400 years old… If I were like you I would say you are full of scat. I’ll just say you are wrong by many different standards. Muhammad did not start Islam, but rather continued calling to the monotheism just like all the other prophets and messengers. If you want to get technical by many Muslims Islam started with Adam and One God. Food for thought. Told to me while I was deployed during Desert Storm by a local.

I think taking out Salami was an excellent thing. Kind of like how you enjoy dispatching those terrible coyotes.

Side note, if you eat regular you are bound to have internal waste. Fried Pork Chops and some field peas over rice are nice to convert.

A good op ed read


the kind that makes free thinkers think instead of swallowing propaganda

Don’t forget the Walker spy case … that was another major thorn in Carters side during this 40 year (recent) rise of thugs.

Well it looks like I triggered MrBob241 for truth pushbacks. The leftocrats are used to playing marble games they get to control. It only took 8 years for the forgotten men and women to finally have a voice and a leader that disrupts their socialist agendas while making them defend the indefensible. I’m happy are military is stronger and no one is bowing to other leaders or having our great soldiers mocked like Obama did before giving pallets of money to terrorists. Call me whatever names you want on your way to being a bigger loser without any facts or evidence to support your TDS claims.


There are no requirements for men to post pictures of medals to post in CFF Politics forum

Remember Obama’s Arab Spring when he chose to support the terrorists? The leftocrats and their propaganda news hopes you won’t remind them either


You can’t support terrorists and then say you are a patriotic American

It took the top layer from the cash Obama gave the terrorists just to feed ole Jabba but our MAGA military captured this murderous hog


now the mullahs and other terrorists are constantly looking over their shoulder


another tool in the toolbox


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The 338 noreen is my dream gun. Out of my budget. just have to settle for a 308. That machine gun has got to be awesome.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Nor do I, but hey, OTC, really wanna get the Ruger Precision 6.5 Creedmoor…any experience with that???


No experience with the 6.5. have considered buying an upper for my AR-10. From what I’ve read about the 6.5.it has its advantage especially when it comes to precision shooting. I am far from a precision shooter.
My experience with Ruger precision is in 17HMR. Love the stock. Great little gun.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Thanks, OTC, need some sleep. Tried two post on Off Topic about my 6.13 beautiful Grandson being born.No luck… He is soooooo beautiful…Bride and I are sooo proud!!!

Happy for you. Grandkids are so much fun. Sometimes it won’t let me start a topic. Try again today . congratulations on the new grandson

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Grands are the best!! After 3 girls We’ve got a Grandson. He might be getting a bit spoiled. If not by us, by his sisters and cousin. :smiley:

NOt sure what’s going on with creating a post. I’ve tried several times and not been able to post a new topic at times. Can reply to a thread but not able to create a new one. :question:

DoubleN again congratulations on the new grandbaby. I’m guessing this may be your first grandchild. Let me give you a little advice. I have 6 from 1 year to 12 years. The most important of all. Make sure when buying gifts for your grandchildren they will be annoying to Mama & Daddy. Not all of them??? I guess that’s all the words of wisdom I have.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

No country for old terrorists