I haven’t been here since 2017 and it’s all the same people doing the same things. The usual suspects thinking the Democrats can do no wrong and the good people pointing out how they are sadly mistaken. My life has been much happier without being riled up by seeing how the left wing supporters go out of their way to keep their head in the sand.
Annnnnnnd I’m out again.

Wondered what happened to ya. Good to hear from you. I kind of figured you might have been in that group of aliases Admin was gonna delete for posting here.

I’ve been super busy. I’ve been doing a bunch of side jobs, building a shop. I am slowly working my way out of construction. My knees nd back just can’t take many more years of tile, roof and under the house kinds of work. Fine woodworking and furniture. Mantles, knick knacks and so on. That’s what I am working towards. Have an oddball space? Tell me what you want, I’ll make it happen.

Best of luck to you in your new pursuit! .

Good to have you back! I’m almost certain that poly will be especially pleased. Welcome!!