America First Members

““That doesn’t sound like a recession to me???””"

Says the genius economist who took the nation from almost zero inflation to a MINIMUM of 8%, more like 10-12% inflation, RECORD, YES RECORD HIGH GAS PRICES, when President Trump had gas BELOW $2.00 GALLON, first time in over 10 years, LESS THAN (2) years later itith it is $5.00 GALLON, and that is NOT recession, coupled with stagnant GDP, SHORTAGES caused by Dimwits DESTRUCTION party and their unions, especially Teamsters. blocking ports from container drop offs.

WITHOUT FAIL, every Dimwits party administration brings WAR, SHORTAGES, STRIKES(look for those BEFORE the election in Nov., Teamsters, teachers and garbage collectors, ALWAYS to cause
TOTAL CHAOS, to DISTRACT from their total failures of American destruction??? Look for it coming soon!!!

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It’s a recession about to become the Biden Depression. Of course it will be everybody’s fault except for the Dems

They are Sooooo good at covering their folly, and making average people believe them, now even smart people believe them. Main reason is because people WANT to believe, so they look for SMOOTH people who don’t ruffle their feathers, or cause them to HAVE TO think???

Of course, that is President Donald Trump personified, a thinker who expects EVERYONE to be like him, and when they are not like him, he wants nothing to do with them!!!

Because thinkers are so intense, they are not rational always, and the non thinkers are already irrational, so they can’t bear more irrational feelings or pressure to think.

There you have my opinion of who they are, and WHY they are who they are, lazy and sheeplings.

Yeah, America first… :clown_face:

Nah, Drumpf first, America last!

Trump defends Saudi-backed tour playing at Bedminister: ‘Nobody’s gotten to the bottom of 9/11’ | Fox News

This is the way

This is the way

Thank God for people like Jim Jordan, but OF COURSE the Dimwits party members just IGNORE charges of being unconstitutional because they don’t CARE if they are Constitutionally correct or not, but they CERTAINLY scream the Constitution when they believe the Republicans have neglected it???

In previous years, when a bill was labeled unconstitutional, that bill was put under extreme scrutiny, and a decision was made before the bill was allowed to be voted on, MORE proof of decayed politics in DC???

This is the way

A Great Mind

OH YES, the Interstae Commerce Act, forgot about that LIBERAL FIASCO, CLAIMING everything THEY disagreed with to be interstate commerce, to gain POWER AND CONTROL, of COURSE, because they TOTALLY controlled interstate commerce to BENEFIT their unions, especially the Teamsters, of COURSE!!!

She could easily make the 5’2” tall Garland tap out right after wetting his pants