AMMO For Sale--All Calibers-- Cheap--Too Many To List

Have access to around 500,000 rounds of various caliber ammo.

Mostly brass stuff, probably 25% in assoeted shotgun ammo.

Would prefer to sell by the pallet load

Most of it has Cabellas Christianna and Maryland tax stickers on it, so you know its the good stuff

Cash & Carry

No Rainchecks

1st come 1st served

This is just a CF exclusive, try and keep this just between us, OK?

Where do i show up?

I’m in, just pick me out like 25,000 good ones and we’ll settle up in the Peabody’s parking lot

Can show SC CWP, will not sign bill of sale

I’ll be glad to show you Peapod’s ID.

Am I missing the meta here? Are you being serious?

That’s a lot of ammo!! I could definitely use a restock….

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I hate when I have to explain the good ones

Any chance you might list what calibers you have? I could always use some 5.56 and maybe even some .38/.357 but, looking for some more obscure calibers. M1 Garand, .30 Cal. Carbine, .303.

I don’t own any guns, i just like the bullets.

I also don’t own any guns. I am just asking for a friend. Any 357 hollow points and 5.56?

He is only selling it to drug dealers and gang bangers…

I’m driving up to NC right now!

Just kidding

That was a good one.

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@EF1 Since I’m working in Dark Corner, some of the “locals” are asking if you’d be interested in bartering on some “corn” for your lead?