And in other news

America First fights with big tech

Great news, another victory for FREEDOM, which Google, Twitter, and Facebook ABSOLUTELY hate the word FREEDOM, as does all the liberal world, UNTIL, YES UNTIL, THEIR freedoms are taken away, then LOOK OUT for unhinged, irrational, illogical behaviour to the LIMITS???

White supremacists rear their ugly heads again

Where’s the headlines, “Biden is starving babies “

Agreed Bay, man President Trump would be the ““worst President EVER”” and ““inhuman””, and ““only looking out for himself””, etc. Etc., SHOWS total disregard for ACCOMPLISHMENTS, and FAILURES TOO!!!


Build Back Better continues

check the reports on how many food producing plants have burned and are out of production

it’s almost like there’s some sort of a planned food shortage but I’m probably just a skeptic

this may be the tip of the ice burg. So many businesses can’t keep reliable help after this covid lock down and mass pay out to stay home. The owner of dairy land and the Sonic here in Walterboro has plenty of business but is thinking about throwing in the towel because he can’t keep employees nor rely on some he has. So many in our young work force don’t seem to want to work for a living.

I believe we have a DEFINITE PLAN of ALL types of shortages, including food UNFORTUNATELY, andddd VERY HIGH TAXES to destroy us too.

I, as you know, call them the DIMWITS DESTRUCTION PARTY for a reason, they ABSOLUTELY plan to send us into FURTHER bankruptcy, in order to force us into the NEW WORLD ORDER of global community nations, NOT sovereign nations!!!

Hussein Obama made that very clear in words and actions, and the Dimwits party leaders TALK that language CONSTANTLY, as anyone paying attention knows for fact!!!

TRANS PACIFIC PACT, PARIS ACCORD, G7 AGREEMENT, UN, NATO, INTL. SPACE AGENCY, Dimwits DESTRUCTION party REGIME, ON AND ON AND ON, corrupt POWER REGIMES that are TOTAL liberal think tanks, and have only one goal, to TAKE AWAY all power of sovereignty from America, and ANY free country???

NO MORE ““I’M FREE”” words to be spoken in the free world, because it only leads to chaos, like the J6 riots, and EVENTUALLY the BLM/ANTIFA riots too will be stopped by MILITARY ACTIONS same as nations who are NOT free!!!