And in other news

Man I was hoping to see him go up in a puff of smoke.

Did a roof on Georgetown steel several years ago. It was right next to where all the transformers and the power goes into the building.
Almost every day a pigeon would fly into it and you’d hear a little poof.
And a whole bunch of feathers floating around.

What ever happened to Juicy Smalley? Is he in prison for his race hoax?

Got another one

Democrats too scared to debate

Bay, they are just taking notes from their supreme Puppet.

Hey @Bolbie was Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese spy or not?

Bay. Don’t get Robbie back on here with his carp. He is quite irritating !

Remember when Biden and all his far left wing radicals were gleefully celebrating BLM and Antifa riots and screaming to arrest Kyle?

Like always leftist are always wrong in their America Last fairytales and propaganda

Huge smack down on the Biden administration colluding with Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube to censor critical thinkers

Democrat Congressman Mondaire Jones now says he witnessed Hunter Biden bludgeoning two top shelf hookers on the evening before he saw Capitol police open the Capitol doors.

What w wonderful first son. The Dems are all proud

Have you found where anyone paid a porn star 130,000.00 hush money yet? I have.
Bet y’all are prouder than we are. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And the piece of crap says he can’t afford child support to his Child. Nothing but trash.

I suspect that Hunters money goes to hookers , his cocaine bill and the % he has to pay the“big Guy”. Nothing left for child support

Looks like a revolt against pedophiles including the Biden family

Hey hey Ho Ho pedo Joe has got to go!
Hey hey Ho Ho pedo Joe has got to go!
Hey hey Ho Ho pedo Joe has got to go!
Hey hey Ho Ho pedo Joe has got to go!
Hey hey Ho Ho pedo Joe has got to go!
Hey hey Ho Ho pedo Joe has got to go!

Has he ever done this?

Trump’s lawyer says he paid $130,000 to porn star ahead of election

Fred do you think this accurately describes the far left wing radicals that Joe incited with his hateful speech?

Cp. Leftists are so convinced of the righteousness of their ideology and the “evil” of anyone that disagrees with them that they believe they are justified in any action, including murder.

There is an ancient word for this kind of behavior: Zealotry.

Yes Bay, I think it describes more than we would care to believe. These people believe their lying leader joe and are only doing what he has asked them to do. Joe should be impeached for this alone.

Hey Bo, that was a good video you posted, looks like it’s going viral. I’ll bet even Polly would not want his 5-8 year old children ( Disclaimer, i don’t have a clue to polly’s children’s age) being taught about anxl, oral, and queer sex by their school teachers. Just like I’d like the list of Epstein’s clients for sex with little girls, I’d like to see a list of all parents that would approve this. I’d know who to stay away from.

Leftists are losing their minds in Italy after they received a MAGA blood transfusion just like what’s going to happen here after the midterm :joy:

MAGA Yeehaw :cowboy_hat_face: :astonished:!!!

The left can’t stop the Trump train!

MAGA is spreading worldwide and the only vaccine available is join the group that hates God, Guns and Country!