Another Biden failure!

Biden took an old idea from Hitler and tried to establish a “disinformation department “. Today the original leader of that new department quit. Biden continues to exhibit the reverse Midas touch and has the lowest approval of any president in my lifetime. Even Beto (aka the genius) has turned on Biden and vowed to protect the 2nd amendment. The Republicans will take back the house and senate Pelosi will lose the speakership, Hillary will be silenced, the supremes will overturn Roe gasoline prices will continue to rise but Biden will sleep thru it all.

It’s a bad time to be a Dem

Don’t rule those idiots out. They pulled a Rabit out of a voting machine one time with Biden. Don’t think they won’t try again & again.

Don’t forget the 2 wars

They’ve reprogrammed gas pumps for expected increases over $10

Humanitarian flights from Germany carrying baby formula

Supporting NAZIS in Ukraine

Looking the other way while his drug addict son had sex with his 14 year old niece

Bring on the Monkeypox to fill the Muleboxes

Everything this administration has touched has turned into a steaming pile of crap. There is not one thing they can point to that has been successful and good for this country. The southern border is a shite show with God knows what/who streaming into the country with their hands out for free stuff. While they are coming, so is fentanyl at a record pace. Meanwhile, gas sees a new record high all over the country and everything else an American needs to live on keeps going up in price. They are trying to shove electric cars down our throats knowing (or maybe not) that most Americans can’t afford a new car, there aren’t the resources to make the batteries and the infrastructure could never support an all electric vehicle society.

Gender pronouns, abortions and free stuff are the things liberals seem to care most about. Continue spending and taxing with no thought as to how it will all be paid for. The media is so deep in the pocket of the left that they ignore the truth and simply refuse to call out this clown like they should be.

IF the republicans are able to get control of the house and senate, they had dang well do something positive and constructive. I am sick and tired of both parties spending all of their time pointing fingers at each other while real Americans suffer their stupidity.

You are very correct. It’s the reverse Midas touch!

U.S. Government Recorded $119 Billion Budget Surplus, Its First Since Before Pandemic - WSJ

Geez, Drumpf shutdown the entire country over covid… What do you expect…

keep the truth coming Bay. Some around here seem to think blaming Trump for everything improves Bidens appearance - It is not working. It is NOT the Putin fuel increase = its all Biden! Biden and his far left puppet masters are trying to manipulate everyone to buy EV’s to “fix” CC. Government can never fix anything! We need a leader that our enemies fear alot and that our allies fear some.

Geez, elected leaders are the government… Duhhhhhh…

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When anyone that can not simply agree that Joe Biden establishing a “disinformation department “ is ridiculous and corrupt speaks all we need to know about a persons stance on America or how big a troll some are. That and they know nothing about History.

Could you imagine the outrage if Trump would have tried the same stunt? DeSantis in 2024!

Some people go through their entire lives with their heads up their rectums. Deflection is the liberal way.

None of the baby formula aid from Germany is going to stores

President Biden

Folks, I’m excited to tell you that the first flight from Operation Fly Formula is loaded up with more than 70,000 pounds of infant formula and about to land in Indiana. Our team is working around the clock to get safe formula to everyone who needs it.

Any build back better believing Biden supporters please post shortages under Trump and the price of gas when Biden stole his position

hell hath no fury as a mother protecting her baby

Resign you scum sucker

Liberals hate messing up their narrative with facts. “But Trump”

Trump had stopped this. Trump is GOAT!

These actions by the Biden administration have swung the Hispanic and independent voters to The America First movement. Proof is in the recent elections where Trump supported candidates overwhelmingly won their elections. If election fraud is eliminated America will never again be controlled by America hating globalists.

$56 a week

and why prices have exploded under Bin Lyon Biden

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This news will make you do what Joe do

Tell what Bin Lyon Biden has built back better

Sure glad hes not this dumb.

What’s in your wallet?

How about your portfolio?

Hey hey Ho Ho pedo Joe has got to go
Hey hey Ho Ho pedo Joe has got to go
Hey hey Ho Ho pedo Joe has got to go
Hey hey Ho Ho pedo Joe has got to go

Catchy ain’t it?

Our President took showers with his daughter and by her admission turned her into a sexual deviant. Biden needs to be behind bars for life, even though he wouldn’t have a clue what was going on with his late onset of dementia. The POS is lost and confused, and even worse the laughing stock of the World.

Haha, Drumpf is on record stating Ivanka is hot and “voluptuous”, and that he would date/bang her if he could…