Babble in the Media..

in order to hide other major issues. This thing on Abortion is nothing but a distraction. Just this morning watching the news they go on to say Abortion is Illegal in SC, then quickly say after 6 week or not after certain circumstances. Then that means Abortion is LEGAL in SC. Just a bunch of whinie little murders babbling about control over murdering babies.

Mean while we still have people stranded in Afghanistan after Bidens F up there. Schools being bombed by Putin. NO BABY FORMULA. Our DOJ allowing the law to be broken by allowing protesters to try and sway our Supreme court justices, Massive Labor Shortages, Ridiculous Fuel costs, The Government just made it harder to get a CDL, Inflation at record highs, A president that shakes hands with the air and can not carry on a conversation on the security of our Country, Open Southern Borders, and we still have massive amounts of cargo sitting waiting to be unloaded that has gets no coverage…

Where is the outrage in our media over our Presidents f. ups? Oh yea, it is in allowing a bill proposed by the left to allow a VIABLE INFANT TO BE MURDERED!!! When a bill allows abortion to the point of DILATION, that is MURDER and no argument can stand up to that statement. Abortion is not being outlawed, just the time frame it can be performed in and NO it is not the Woman’s right to Murder a baby no different than a Man is unable walk out because he doesn’t want his children anymore. All this fake b.s. being upset about Roe vs Wade, all it will do is put the vote back into everyone’s hands on the state level as it should be.

We are at a tipping point in U.S. society, eyes open. Our own president has called 74 million of us the worst terror threat in our history. We worse than Hitler!! FJB.

Good morning Fred. Yes the Biden admin is trying every deflection it can find to cover its gross failures. The exact opposite of what Robbie said is happening - the USA is quickly becoming a world wide embarrassment. Perhaps the cover Biden/ Harris needs is the truth ministry

The fact that the mainstream media continues to cover for this utter failure of a president just illustrates just how deeply corrupted American journalism really is. There is NOTHING the Moron in Chief can legitimately claim as a success without lying his wrinkly old azz off. He blames everything and everyone but himself for all of the country’s woes all while REAL experts state that his policies are slowly killing the country.

With his stance on allowing anyone access to our country via the southern border with no regards to what kind of threat they pose, by killing the fossil fuel industry and giving away our energy independence and all of the other bone-headed things he is doing, it makes one believe that he is hell bent on destroying this country. We are certainly headed downhill at break neck speed.

For all you that voted for this train-wreck of a man, THANKS. Your hatred of a single man put a man in office that is simply incapable of running a lemonade stand much less this country.

This guy is a parasite that has spent 40+ years in D.C. and has nothing but personal wealth to show for it. His V.P. is a giggling mattress back that can’t string together more than 2 sentences without sounding like a complete airhead.

Yes, I am pissed. I watch my hard earned 401K shrink every day as I also watch gas prices, food prices and the price of everything else go up.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

On the 401k… I opened my statement a couple of days ago and I still have that sick feeling in my stomach. Worst hit in my life, I’m 55. I’m glad to see we do have American’s that realize just how much our Media covers for Joe. You mention those that voted for Biden, let’s not forget the worthless lazy ones that didn’t vote at all but claim to be Republicans.

Been waiting to see 2000 mules, but seems the media is doing a good job of hiding that one too. The Election was stolen from Biden, no different than Hillary needs to be in jail, the Protesters at the Judges residences need to be arrested, the DOJ is corrupt, Hunter needs to be in jail, Biden’s Impeachment needs to be done, Corona was a scam, the flu disappeared, and Our Government and Government Health “officials” pushed a vaccine over a cure for a treatable illness.

Oh yea! getting wound up for Friday!! Glad the wife switched to half Caffeine! Maybe I’ll go by IGA and get me a fried pork chop and splurge with some fried okra… mmm all better now.

Fetal lives matter. FETAL LIVES MATTER

Abortion kills more people than any war in history

Liberal morals. Look in an abortion clinic dumpster

Look out above with Nachoboy and his usual virtue signaling…

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Trolls thrive behind anonymity and become a nuisance when they choose to repeatedly harass a particular account / accounts. I would bet if the Troll were forced to a face to face encounter with You Naterboy, He/she/it would probably agree with your stance on Abortion. Sad and pathetically this Troll just goes deeper down the rabbit hole with each passing day trying incite anger from others.

Very true Fred. Trolls destroy forums. They claim good intentions of balancing the sites with the truth and facts but also spread hate and misery with their personal attacks . Look , I don’t mind anyone telling us how they believe but I do object to anyone demanding how everyone else should believe. The troll on Charleston Fishing will never meet anyone he insults. In my experience they are weak people with no real friends - either 98 lb weaklings or obese lard arses. They claim to be very successful in their sad lives but we all know that there is some good reason they hide behind the key board.

We can easily understand what our troll wants. - to be relevant and make a game of being an arrogant arse . Knowing this fact we should deny his desires and let him languish in isolation. Don’t reply to him. !!

Happy trails Fred!