Biden Crime Family Fun

Now you know 5.2 million tax fraud will definitely get you arrested and impeached

I’m sure all you Trump haters get all hot and bothered over a picture like that one. LOL Even all bob’s got is Trump Bla bla bla.

Hey bob since you all say we lie about everything, tell us just what Treason you are referring to? I’m unaware of any sort of Treason Trump committed, enlighten us all please.

Progression of the media’s narrative on Hunter’s laptop:

  1. There is no laptop.
  2. The laptop is a Russian plot.
  3. Hunter didn’t do anything wrong.
  4. Hunter did some bad things but they had nothing to do with Joe Biden.

Next: Joe Biden had some limited and unimportant involvement with Hunter’s business dealings.

Bay, you hear the new stuff coming out on Hunter? they have him saying that He can get his dad to do most anything and that Joe listens to all his advice. Hunter needs to be in jail for the simple fact of the Dems showing America they are serious about gun control and enforcing existing laws. It is a known fact Hunter falsified his Gun application. A federal offense. Get with it Joe, punish your bad child!!

Preserve all documents

The walls are closing in!

you know all that paper work is just going to get lost like Hunter’s laptop. Fingers crossed, but not much hope there will be justice with our corrupt law agencies.

:joy::rofl: I heard that air laugh coming out your nose

Ut oh, another whistleblower

Watch the far left wing radicals go after the Kenyan Muslim for putting pedo Joe under the investigation

Don’t you feel sorry for Navy Joan having a dead beat dad and criminal grandpop?