Biden gas prices

Aren’t you just loving these Biden gas prices? It’s over three dollars gallon gallon in North Carolina today. On a yearly basis this adds up to a chunk of change but they environmental groups are getting their way. Now Biden can tell them he is reducing the carbon footprint as he wrecks the economy

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Gas went up during Drumpf’s only term to $3 per gallon… Don’t remember you belly aching then…


Whining and crying. Belly aching is right RBF they don’t know anything else. Poor little *****.


Hey Bob, who is they?

You hear the Black on Black violence in Chicago last week? Over 100 shootings!!, up from the weekly average of 60. You’d think Lightfoot would ask Biden and the federal Government for help. Just more corrupt city leaders lying to cover their arse instead of facing truths and looking for solutions… All the Biden and Trump @#@# out, this crap is just unacceptable no matter who is President.

Ever think about her resemblance to BeetleJuice… Gotta find humor where you can dude… Because nothing else is funny about this piece of crap leader. Now go ahead and deflect to bashing Trump.

After it cools a bit this afternoon, go catch us some more Crappie! Hope you retrieve your brush pile numbers. My old partner in Crime in Eutawville goes out at 2:00a.m. to dump his Christmas trees and PVC umbrellas/ porcupines. You ever seen those? they work. You never did answer on bait? Jig …Shiners… cricket, worms… ? If you know any plumbers or well workers see if they have some scrap pvc get a five gallon bucket and hole saw it to pvc circumference in many places to put in pipe… then fill bucket with cement let dry and pick a spot… Google it.

Let’s stay truthful if nothing else While Bashing Trump and supporting Biden. Never hit $3.00 under Trump, per your link. During his entire term the average was $2.49. In Biden’s 1/2 year it’s an average of $3.10. To give him credit or lack of it, he still has 3 1/2 years to average it back down. Fingers crossed… Glass half full. COME ON MAN!! You can do it Biden!! Prove me wrong that it won’t be $4.00 by fall. I might have missed it, fall’s not far off.


“Heading into the 2018 Memorial Day weekend, regular gasoline prices averaged $2.92 per gallon (gal) nationally on May 21, up from last year’s price of $2.40/gal before the holiday weekend. This year marks the highest price ahead of the Memorial Day weekend since 2014, when the national average price of regular gasoline was $3.67/gal. Relatively higher crude oil spot prices, higher gasoline demand, and falling gasoline inventories are all factors contributing to higher gasoline prices.”

Now Fred you know who they are.
My brush piles are 9 foot high and 9 foot wide. I put 4 or 5 of them in one spot. Good and big. I’ve been putting out and adding to for 10 years and they hold the crappie. “Minners” is what I fish with.

I just texted my son who went to Chapel Hill from Asheville, filling deer feeders, putting up cameras. He said gas was 2.89+ depending on where you wanted to stop.

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AAA average gas prices in NC


How about under Bush… $150ish per barrel of oil…

Reality is I am not stupid enough to blame any president over gas prices… Reality is really low gas prices means the economy is in the crapper typically…

Oil is PRICED on a World market… The only way for a US President to control it would be to nationalized it… Are you for that, or capitalism?

Oil production rose the GREATEST amount under Obama than any other president… Should Obama get credit for that?

How about Trump stopping exploration off South Carolina’s coast, Florida, etc… Who’s fault is that… Let’s open up our waters to the oil industry, are you for that, or just another NIMBY…

"U.S. President Donald Trump has signed an order to extend an offshore oil drilling ban in the eastern Gulf of Mexico off Florida until 2032 as he seeks to win support in the state ahead of the election

Gott Dammitt Fred, you busted the Shun and look what happens.

He was lying thru his teeth when he posted a link that did not even come close to supporting his lie. Everyone here knows he spins and lies to get attention and I’ll be dipped in schitt if you didn’t fall for it again.

Then when you called him on it he went immediately to Bush,really, that was like back to 9-11 days.

He ends up by saying that anyone that complains about gas prices is just a complainer. See what I mean? Dillusional Bullschitt just to hear his teeth rattle I tell you. Utter nonsense.

And you fell for it again Fred. You busted the Shun and I’m a monkeys uncle if it hasn’t been working.

Please for the love of this site, I know you have to swat the dog dikk knats occasionally, but just swat and step away from the fleabag. And if not, please don’t forget to wipe it off your feat* before tracking it all over the place.

I enjoyed the Florida fishing pictures a lot by the way, thanks for that.



Poor ole EF - Staff Infection…

I voted for Bush the first time, and the $150 oil was in the summer of 2008… You know like 7 years after 9-11-2001…

You are delusional as my post was for the AVERAGE national price on Memorial Day, and it was a mere 8 cents from being $3 bucks… It was higher than $3 in some States…

Man you’ve got it bad… However, I enjoy watching you get rankled when I am not even trying… Keep on swatting/punching yourself in the junk thinking there is a gnat flying around… Perfect analogy for you…

BTW, the Shun is Fun as it is silly like you…

And, since you brought it up, say hello to your monkey nephew from RBF…


The enviro left wants gas up to 7 a gal and they have sleepy Joe’s ear. They preach that the carbon footprint will be reduced. We will need to revisit this in a month or so to see if fuel is still up It’s easy to say that fuel prices shouldn’t be blamed on the president but the left blamed everything on Trump including that short lived price bump. It’s hard for the left to defend Biden. They are better off to deflect and try to continue blaming Trump or changing the subject.

I like the shun. It seems to be helping the forum be more interesting and civil .

Please read: do not respond to the political forums trouble makers that spew filth and sewage with their name calling and constant insults. It feeds their sickness and harms this site as EF and others have noted

MFing defection at its best. Call me out with proof of being wrong and I will be a true MAN and admit to being wrong. What has happened to people?! Amazing how so many lack integrity.

All the deflection to Trump… and now way way way back to deflection from Bush? Let’s be realistic and talk about present issues. How about Harris telling the media she can not handle all the tasks Biden has given her… “I just need to say no to Biden” (Harris’s words) WTF!!! She wanted to be President!!! But can’t handle a simple request from her BOSS, BIDEN, to help at our Southern Border.

I’ve been at TIEC in North Carolina for the past 5 days, filled up when I got here, and again this morning.

Gas was $2.58

Buy a hybrid or an E car if you’re worried about silly fuel prices.

Robert, your key word is. “ WAS”. Buying a hybrid is a horrible idea Charging stations are scarce and it takes hours to charge and the initial cost is insaine.

It’s difficult to defend a president that’s asleep at the wheel

Please read: do not respond to the political forums trouble makers that spew filth and sewage with their name calling and constant insults. It feeds their sickness and harms this site as EF and others have noted

We are only just beginning to see what the future holds for us with dems in the white house. Spend and tax, spend and tax. THAT will fix everything. I feel sorry for our children and their kids, they are the ones that will really pay for all of this idiocy.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?
"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

Can’t talk now, busy shopping for a hybrid or E truck to pull my uncles horses back and forth fromm the Tryon Equestrian center in another state.

Go with a “chipped” Diesel. That black smoke really pisses 'em tree hugger’s off!:+1:


Robinette’s Bend Forward

Take a look below Alfredo…

“In fact, I checked the data at the Energy Information Administration (EIA) to see the last time weekly gasoline prices were above $3.00/gal. It was in May 2018, during President Trump’s second year in office.”

The link I sent before was just for one day… So, above is proof gas prices did go to $3 during Drumpf’s one term… So, you gonna own up to being wrong about me being wrong? You gonna be the big MAN like you claim you are and admit to being wrong, or just deflect away as usual?

Also, please refrain from dropping F-bombs just before the Lord’s Day… Very tacky indeed…


Typical ignorance on display again.

NONE of you stated the REAL reason Republicans are upset about gas prices and Bi -xii!!!

How soon we forget!!!

When President Trump left office America was EXPORTING OIL FOR FIRST TIME IN HISTORY!!

Gas was $1.83 gallon national average. IF any of you listened to Trump rallies and interviews you would KNOW THE TRUTH, rather than showing ignorance of the truth per usual!!

ORRRR, if any of you had enough interest in truth about Trump, you would REMEMBER those type facts, rather than depending on dumb arse internet BIASED(both sides) posts.

I am not here to argue or discuss, only to expose ignorance, and state TRUTH, which is VERY LACKING here and abroad!!!

UP over $1.00 gallon and oil wells SHUT DOWN (within ONE MONTH Bi-Xi taking office were shut down), and the pipeline SHUT DOWN first week in office, which benefited Putin MOST OF ALL!!!

Dimwits CLAIM to hate Putin, and CLAIM Trump loved Putin because Trump tried to get along PUBLICLY with Putin, while Dimwits publicly only, claim hate, when they LOVE Putin, example Hildick selling 19% of Americans uranium to Putin SECRETLY per usual!!!


Gas still is $2.58 in NC. .I’ll pay whatever, gotta get from point A to point B. Pulling the trailer I get 11 mpg.

Clueless folks in this world, a hybrid doesn’t need a charging station!

What is a hybrid?
Quite simply, a hybrid combines at least one electric motor with a gasoline engine to move the car, and its system recaptures energy via regenerative braking. Sometimes the electric motor does all the work, sometimes it’s the gas engine, and sometimes they work together. The result is less gasoline burned and, therefore, better fuel economy. Adding electric power can even boost performance in certain instances.