Biden gas prices

Biden has no intention of actially doing anything about gas prices. Hes standing on the beach telling repkrters out loud in plain english that this is not a problem, but an opportunity to transition off of fossil fuels.

This global warming bull5h!t is costing us literal fortunes.

If you think our economy is flagging now, just wait.


Y’all hear Maxine Waters telling an Oil CEO that they were going to take control of their companies?!

Good to see you back Palmer.

Read that China is preparing a naval blockade in the Taiwan straits while our high ups are forcing vaccines, firing commanders, pushing pronouns and tranny agendas, that blockade will be painful even for the America Last crowd.

Now it’s getting difficult for liberals to get low cost hormone blockers for their transgender children

It might hurt for a while, meanwhile manufacturing and production moves back to this continent.

Made in USA will actually mean something again

Independance from reliance on those that wish us harm will solve lots of stuff

Haha, like your hero’s…

Elon Musk’s transgender child looks to change name to cut all ties with father | Fox News

Wouldn’t that take a president like Trump to put sanctions back on China and others, reverse regulations that stifle manufacturers here and promote an America First agenda?

I miss the mean tweets
They were rarely aimed at me

The mean tweets were aimed mostly at the America last crowd.

Haha, you block people here because of their “mean tweets”…

Trump and mean tweets! If only some of the stuff coming out about Biden was put on the main stream before the election I wonder if his Mules would have been able to stuff enough ballots to win?

Now out his own daughter has under went psychiatric care for sex addiction she blames on her Daddy Biden for making her take showers with him. We all heard Biden say how he likes little kids to rub down his hairy legs, We all heard the lie about him being a former Truck driver and also coal miner, We have all seen him shake hands with the air, we have all seen him get lost leaving a stage, we have all heard him say that if we don’t take the vaccine we will kill people…

Maybe he’ll keep his promise and Cure Cancer! It would surprise me if Big Pharma lets him do that though.

and people hate Trump?

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And the sicko post starts again. You can tell when he’s off of his medication. He just got finished talking about kids reading his posts.

Best guess is 11% isn’t 81 million

Enough to say.


That’s truth Bay. When Trump left office we had more oil than we needed from our own ground and in fact we were a major exporter of crude . Then Biden declared war on oil and prices went thru the roof. On everything!! Trump understood that the more domestic oil the lower the price. It’s hard to understand why there is any one in the USA that would not want their vote back. - a few idiots and greenies perhaps. Virtue signal with your coal powered EV

Lies disinformation conspiracy theories fear mongering and gender confusion. Stock in trade for the left

Peeping again. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Biden gas update from Sky News

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How much worse will it get?

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Spoken like a true scholar.
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