Biden Has Covid..............................AGAIN!

I usually don’t start posts here but, I couldn’t help myself today. The news says Biden has tested positive for Covid AGAIN. So, all the jabs, boosters and the best medical care in the world and he has gotten Covid TWICE. You have to believe that he was isolated (maybe) after the first time and he STILL got Covid again. How/why should anyone believe in the Covid vaccine or masks again when even the president can’t avoid Covid? How can we ever really trust government scientists again? And, now they are backtracking on how you get Monkey pox. STOP hypothesizing when you already have an agenda. IT just makes them all look like government shills.

Since the CDC has backpedaled and stated publicly that the vaccines were never meant to prevent COVID just to lessen the severity that means that what was stated before was all a lie. Fauchi is a fraud. Phizer, Moderna and J&J were given free reign to conduct the largest drug trial in history that has proven to be a failure. Thousands of people have been harmed and some died. Yet they still promote the drugs for young kids and all adults. Any parent that still thinks these drugs are a good idea is simply not paying attention.

There are plenty of well-known medical teams and facilities all over the world that have proven that these drugs: do alter DNA, reduce the natual ability of the immune system, cause a reduction in fertility in men and woman, cause the production of blood clots and are the root cause of other serious/fatal health conditions. Anyone that took the shot has a huge chance of having a tough time with COVID and with each case it gets worse.

Changing the definition of the term “vaccine” was a biggest fraud ever. It is NOT a vaccine. Just like the flu shot is not a vaccine, that’s why they call it a shot.

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Well, it is Drumpf’s vaccine… What’d you expect…

Trump takes credit for COVID-19 vaccine: ‘I hope everyone remembers!’ (

Yep, I remember as do many others, Uncle Joe saying that if you got the vaccine, you wouldn’t get Covid. Liar or fool, you decide.

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Well, Drumpf is the Father of the vaccine, no wonder there are lies about it…

Trump calls himself ‘father of the vaccine’ and claims he deserves credit for coronavirus shots | The Independent

You are preaching to the choir here Dfreedom. I’m thankful I stuck to my guns and refused the 'vaccine". Even when the VA tried to force me into it.

What I don’t get are all the people that took the vaccine because they honestly thought the government and top health care leaders had their best interests. I’d be looking for a lawyer and you’d think they would be protesting in masses over the out right lies about this “vaccine”. If it comes to push vs shove, you know where the blame will go. It won’t be because Biden told us all it would keep a person from contracting Covid and his administration telling us all to “lock down”… It will be Trump bla bla bla…

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