Biden officially divided our country

A hate filled speech in a blood red background with marines visible Biden displayed his TDS and dog whistled his enforcement team to attack their enemy.

MAGA means Make America Great Again and Biden’s side does not want that.

This is a defining moment in our history. Be careful out there, because Biden just put a target on you.

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Biden has a message for MAGA supporters: ‘You can’t love your country only when you win’

Biden has dog whistled violence against any Trump or MAGA supporters. Remember the attempted assassination of SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh, well now Biden’s unhinged loyalists are swatting a sitting congress woman and a member of President Trump’s inner circle.

Keep your head on swivel these are rabid radicals given secret voice commands by their regime leader.

trump anger

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Biden viscously targeted millions of Patriotic Americans last night and has turned his Antifa
foot soldiers loose

If you voted for GOAT President or if you have become educated in the MAGA movement created by GOAT, which is estimated to be 75 million Americans, you now have a moral obligation to eradicate the current dictatorship that has targeted your love for your country.

the progessive left “MEIN FUHRER!”
Image result for Doctor Strangelove salute

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Is this real??

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MAGA only……thank you Patriot

Kristallnacht has begun?!

Is it obvious yet?

That was funny especially if you happen to think correctly (RIGHT)

Wonder if Robbie will go back into safe place hiding if another red wave happens? He did when HRC lost and when it became clear that Biden/Harris was a disaster
We can hope

Your ship has sailed RBF, get over it.

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Wow! @Bob_241 should listen to that but I bet he won’t

Every news channel should play it for their listeners but I bet they won’t

Public schools should play it for American pupils but I bet they won’t

Churches should play it Sunday but I bet they won’t

I’m proud to be MAGA like him and all the other MAGA Americans

Thanks for posting that @Fred67

Biden’s dog whistled to attack MAGA people and his radical followers are following the code orders he gave them. We must help our MAGA Patriots so if you have any knowledge who are swatting these great Americans call your local sheriffs because the FBI and appointed LEOs will target you if you call reports in to them.

Biden and his Uniparty have corrupted the American Judicial System.