Censorship Has Begun

Lets see how equal this site is.

Guess it’s time for flag war…

Do we have an impartial decision maker here?

I guess this is the way the no ballers hide and do their part for the Jan. 6 attack on the capitol.

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Many folks left this site because of this handful of folks that are rude and vulger… Admin. @snickers will rue the day they enable them to continue their ways… This site will shrink into a half a dozen folks that want their own personal virtual playground…

I call it house cleaning. Long overdue. Way to go Snickers

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I believe I may contact Admin. about purchasing the site… Shoot me a PM with your price @snickers …

I would advise against “Flag Wars” as the system will punish you if keep flagging people without reason, @Richard_Beer_Froth .

When someone flags a topic or post, it shows up in a queue that any of the 3 admins has to go in and clear out - It’s very inconvenient.

@Bob_241, this is a fishing site, so I’m not really sure why you’re even concerned about censorship.

When someone flags a post, one of the admins will review it to see if it in fact violates the TOS outlined in the FAQ of the site. If it does, the post is deleted and the user who made the post has a permanent mark added to their account. Once enough are accumulated the system will start enforcing restrictions on the user.

If the flag is made on a post that does not violate the TOS, the person who made the flag gets a permanent mark on their profile and will eventually face restrictions.

I think if you look at the fishing posts vs. political posts, you’ll see it’s a political site more so than fishing. Fishing sites do not have a political need. But I guess y’all need every outlet you can get to push the big lie. Hope thats not to tough for you.

Right Wing Radical Political Site with a fishing problem. Not a Fishing Site with a political problem. Turning a blind eye will not solve your problem.

Thanks for the reply… I was meaning exactly what you are saying as there are a lot of posts that could be flagged based on the community guidelines if read literally… The guidelines are violated daily, but most post don’t get flagged simply because people don’t want to get anyone in trouble just for the sake of it in an attempt to get someone in banned…

Does the guidelines also include prohibiting passive aggressive behavior where members talk about other members in 3rd person, indirectly, etc. as a form of punishment? Often times this includes not mentioning them by their moniker but with a nickname just to get around it being direct? Seems that should be included as unacceptable behavior… If a member doesn’t want to engage with another member it seems they should just not talk about them at all… There are instances here where certain members actively recruit others to shun people and try to get them to leave by being rude and starting trouble passively…

@snickers, any reasonable person that took just a few minutes to read over some of RBF’s posts should be able to conclude HE should not be here…

Up to y’all of course, but more damage than good.


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This pretry much sums up the day for a select two,errrrr,few

tenor (1)

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The site would be better off without both of these clowns. I’d vote to remove them, but my opinion doesn’t matter. They add zero to the website and appear to post only to try to provoke others. I don’t know why snickers would keep them around. I’m for removing the politics section all together and focusing on fishing.

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@snickers, like I stated earlier a handful of people have run off many good folks here, and are trying again…

NN has issued physical threats several times in the past… Other folks have too… Says a lot about what goes on here…

I’m all for removing every other category except fishing, boating, etc.

I have some ideas about that section that i think will help everyone involved. Too tired tonight to go into it now, but soon.

Yep, crying wears a person down…