Censorship Has Begun

Biden says he will run again. Will you support him?

No, i’ll support a commonsense moderate

Like Desantis?

Don’t care for him, there are several that are much better, why do you ask so many questions/

This evening might set a record for sudden new membership that love trolling artificial’s from the port side of the boat

You may not be aware of this But this is a discussion forum

Sure is, and isn’t a question forum.

Who? Johnson The weedy libertarian ?

Questions and answers make discussion

Not sure what you mean, but I’m gone until later. However, asking too many questions isn’t

The ones that can’t discuss post stupid photos same ones over and over. It makes em’ look smart!

Does anyone know? Can an alias be traced down or are aliases impossible to track to the originator

Could it be possible to manufacture enough alises to improve ones standing?

Haha, coming from someone that ignores me because he can’t give a plausible answer to hardly anything…

Also, questioning intensely is an old radical right play… It is an attempt to put someone on the defensive…

I’ll load up some questions for you to answer:

Why would you:
Support an American hating dictator like Drumpf?
Claim to be a Christian when you treat others like crap?
Lie about having a 4-year degree from Wake?
Not be able to verify your military service like Bob?
Say you’re ignoring someone only to peep, and then tell lies to Admin?

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Thanks arebeef!

Sounds like something Drumpf has done with his truth/Poof Social…

I’m sure admin could look at I.P addresses. Andy could do it on the old format. It’s pretty obvious these new names are aliases. Long time reader, first time poster is usually a clue. I think they think that gives them a reason to be able to flow into a standing discussion or Feud.

the question thing is precious! How else can you know someone’s take on something if you don’t ask? Just more twists to avoid a discussion and keep up the Trolling.

See what your new members are getting. If they don’t come here to support all the Right Wing Radical Propaganda they are attached immediately.

Im not a right winged radical, nor am I an alias lying thru my teeth.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, has a watertight arse, and schitts thru feathers,well, its likely a duck.

My guess is you’ll fly south soon enough or start putting up fishing reports to prove me wrong.


Not true at all “Billy”. Give us some good things about our president and if they are true we will agree. I really would love a person like yourself to explain what there is to support that our president has done Did you know it is now verified he showered with his daughter and she blames him for her sex addiction?

Edit. What was it that you were attacked over? Flag it!!