Check out Biden and his 92% approval

Not making this up. Just in Biden says his poll shows that 92% of all Democrats would vote him back in office. I think he believes this!! The Question is, who is telling this geriatric idiot this complete Lie? Or is he just making it up and thinks it so?

Last I heard on the main stream 82% disapprove Biden direction.

Short clip fact checking my statement…

I hope he believes this ! If Sleepy Joe runs again it might give me a chance at becoming POTUS

I saw that, should have aired it on comedy central.

The guy is a walking clown show and Mattress Back Harris is no better. Never has this country has a dumber, more dysfunction and incapable president and V.P…

Liberals apparently believe you can just completely deny the truth and makeup stuff and everything will be okay.

94% don’t want their hair sniffed

6% want to rub the hairs on his legs but Corn Pop keeps them away

No worry the Uniparty has found his replacement and he’s now at the White House visiting heels up

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This is a great 1

However it repeats a lot of what I’ve already informed you about :joy:

Bay, did you know many still don’t believe Joe made the comments about letting kids in the pool rub down the hairs on his legs? But they probably don’t care that he showered with his daughter and she tells us that’s what made her hypersexual and a sex addict. Joe does not just have dementia he is demented and always has been. POS for we have for a President. 81 million votes they say he got? I still don’t believe that. People say there was no voter fraud?! Just watch 2000 mules and do a little critical thinking

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All the times Trump was completely inappropriate with his daughter Ivanka

Donald Trump is no stranger to grabbing headlines – among other things – but some of the most questionable of these things he’s said and done in the past are disturbingly about his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, who has just given evidence at the January 6th hearing.

From saying he’d have sex with her to touching her inappropriately, the list is exhaustive.

Ivanka Trump quoted in ’06 as saying: ‘If he wasn’t my father, I would spray him with Mace’

“Read the polls, Jack. You guys are all …you know the thing” “my son Hunter is the smartest guy I know.”

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Sorry, couldn’t resist,…, so many memorable quotes from PO(TATO)US

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Welcome to the sight! You don’t even have to take his conversations or speeches out of context to make him look like an idiot.

Yeah welcome to the “SIGHT”

They discuss everything from “FLYS” to "BLACK TOP SHARKS.

Thanks Fred. It’s been over 20 years but I’m trying to get back out to catch some spot tail and trout soon and y’alls site offers a lot of good educational reports and insights. Hoping to try again from Bennetts Point, Greys Hill or maybe Wimbee Creek this fall or sooner. The Beaufort locations are just as close to Walterboro as Bennetts Point it seems. It is kind of a sight in that I didn’t realize there was so much toadfish and eel input/reports (just kidding), sure don’t want to hook up with them! Any way I hope to offer some constructive fishing reports soon. Thanks Again.

Used to be a lot of reports on here from the Beaufort area. That drive to Bennets point is a long one. But it does put you close to a lot of good areas! Besides, if you don’t catch anything they usually have some nice shrimp for sale at the landing. + a cold beverage.

Now Biden is making us proud in the Middle East. Jeez, and the left claimed Trump was an embarrassment. Biden is a walking train wreck.