Climate Change Cult Embraced MAGA


And everything he sad has turned out to be a lie. Nothing he predicted came true. I got to see him up close once, the guy gave me the creeps. Dead soulless eyes he has. Not sure how to explain it, but He just seemed evil. I know judgmental, but the truth as I perceived it.

He likes massages. It has been said that if you want to make billions , start a religion. CC is like a religion. By the way. Gore is still selling fake carbon offsets

Debunking the communists state controlled media propaganda :astonished::boom::boom::boom:

Good report on the climate change scam

I can admit our climate will change as the Earth ages, why can’t these “alarmist” admit Solar and wind Power are not the answer? Why the big push to get away from tried and true fossil fuels before we have a better replacement?

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