Crime up 750%...

…in Dem run cities. Snatch and grabs the new normal.

80-120 shootings a week in Chicago and so much more atrocities in Dem run areas. Where is our President in trying to rein this crap in? Guess he’s just too busy trying to make people believe it is all about White supremacy. After all he’s the idiot that said White supremacy is a greater danger to America than Radical Islamic terrorists. The Fiasco off the California coast with uddles of unloaded cargo ships has went silent. No news of where in the U.SA. our President has sent all the Illegals crossing our borders. Also no big deal about all the illegals not being mandated to be vaccinated or even tested for covid.

Worst President and times in American history. Even Biden’s original supporters can’t stomach him anymore.

If I would not have seen him say it I would have never believed a President would tell America it is We the Government… Not we the People.