Democrat Controlled Cities

This could have been some of your family members

Rural America Reels From Violent Crime. ‘People Lost Their Ever-Lovin’ Minds.’ - WSJ

The Red State Murder Problem – Third Way

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San Antonio has an independent mayor, and is in a Repub state…

This is too easy

Just common sense… I don’t have a problem with certain parts of the BBB act… We need infrastructure improvements as America is crumbling…

We have a murder problem in America — especially in red states | The Hill

"For the last two years, the nation has been awash in news accounts about soaring violent crime and murder in cities and states run by Democrats. That narrative is ubiquitous, particularly in conservative media, where Democratic mayors are routinely called out and excoriated for turning a blind eye to crime. That story is half right and half — to be charitable — lazy and wrong."

"And to top it off, the homicide rate in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) San Francisco was half that of House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) Bakersfield, the largest city in Kern County and one with a Republican mayor — with overwhelming Trump support and not a whiff of flirtation with defund the police movements. In fact, the murder capital of California for six years running is sleepy Kern County, 130 miles from Los Angeles and 306 miles from San Francisco, the two California locales most often associated with the crime-is-out-of-control national headlines that have dominated U.S. crime and political coverage."

4 months ago they shot at him and missed

This could have been one of our veterans on here

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Somebody should go break that some b****** kneecaps and put them in a wheelchair for the rest of his life

That makes my blood boil!

At the Saving America rally last night

there’s a lot of truth in what he said

There’s lots of breaking news on TruthSocial, I recommend joining it to stay informed.

I was a bit leery at first, but I’m liking it.

The soft on crime thing really hit home just a few miles away. 28 year old strung out on drugs wife of 11 years finally left him and took their two kids. This waste of a human has (had) 14 counts of theft under his belt. The last one the Judge let him off and three days later he is cutting the catalytic converter off his neighbors truck. Got shot and Killed.

After 14 counts, he should not have been on the streets. Should the blame go to the Judge?

I heard about that Fred!! It was all over the Charleston news. What a slimy character.

I feel bad for what the homeowners going to have to go through.
Hope he has something like CCI or one of the other self-defense insurances…
Hell you never knows he might end up behind bars.

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I can’t find this story,anyone have a link?