E v’s are not the answer

Also the quickly changing tech being exciting could also make the EV you buy today obsolete tomorrow. Ie. I saw my old beeper in my sock drawer recently. Worthless today

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We shouldn’t have to suffer until EVs become affordable.Maybe it will happen when there are no more wars and everyone just gets along.

What we need is a radical new battery design. Then we need ALL EV’s to carry the exact same style battery. So when we go to a service station we can exchange a dead battery for a freshly charged one… Kind of like a briefcase swap out. Like we do with Propane cyls. We need a battery pack that is not as volatile at the LI-ions. Using Lithium to go green is a complete false fabrication being told to the masses.

Bet this Gator does not like Li batteries. I’ll bet a nickel it got a burnt tongue.

Awesome idea Fred! What we really need is a motor that runs on water.They invented one in the fifties but the oil companies bought the patent and won’t release the information on how to do it.Yeah,that’s the ticket,haha haha

Sman… It’s here! Been here for awhile. Just patents got bought up by the major oil companies and government, hard for new inventors to get around some of them. I got to see a SxS buggy with a Hydrogen fuel cell running out west. We now have a couple of “big rigs” on the road in trial stages running hydrogen. But like Batteries, the supply and delivery systems have lots of kinks to be worked out. There are tons of alternate fuel sources but none can match the efficiency and availability at this time of Fossil Fuels.

I am perplexed why the big deal with using the abundant supply of fossil fuel we have? Kind of like the old jars of Jelly in the refrigerator my wife accumulates, why keep going after more until we finish up what we have? It’s estimated we have 200-300 years at current consumption and that will go up as consumption goes down from this added new sources.

IMHO, I’d be a lot worried about the resale value of a new ICE vehicle today in 10 years. I know that Tesla could develop an affordable EV today, but availability of batteries cannot support. Due to demand they are months to a year out on delivery of existing models. I don’t think they are expensive because they are EV’s but rather the demand would be so high they couldn’t deliver. Tesla has revolutionized manufacturing to the point they are currently at around 30% profit margin with potential to reach close to 50%. The other auto companies will have to follow suit or they are doomed. So, costs will come down in time, I think a lot sooner than we all think. I’d bet under 5 years there will be plenty of affordable EVs.

You are completely right to worry about resale on an EV. Try to get a battery pack for a 2014 ford. Unavailable. 10 years is the Maximum life span on a battery pack and that depends on how many discharge recharge cycles it has had. The warranty on batteries from dealers is kind of deceiving, they say 8 years, but in fine print it could be Much less depending on a lot of charge cycles that the Battery pack monitors.

On most of todays EVs the death of the battery totals the car. I like the idea of hybrid cars where the braking system charges the battery. I owned a Prius for a while. When it worked it was great ( when it worked)

You’re saying we need 26(/yr) x 10 years or 260 new nuclear power plants for electric cars in 10 years? I’m up for seeing the math.

I was on the list and had a slot for a Ford Lightning. Gave up the slot due to price to get range/options I wanted and went with ICE. Garage charger is $1400. It’s a cool vehicle but not for me ATM. Wife’s next car will probably be EV.
Agree battery chemistry has to improve and it will.
GM declaring they’ll be all EV by 2035 is not political, it’s a business plan. Tesla is killing it. Rivian and Ford (EV) have waitlists.
Batteries can be swapped out, so it doesn’t total a vehicle.
My walk behind mower and all yard equipment is electric. Love no gas or oil.
ICE will still be available for decades. Now we get to choose.

Oh the horror!

If we could save just one child from dying to stop the virtue signaling…………

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When you are paying for a $20,000 + (depending on model) battery pack on a 10 year old vehicle, it’s mostly a total. Then you have to look on the recycling side of things. right now not much in the form of recycling. California is scrambling right not on this issue.

I’ll wager your thoughts on it not being political. I personally do think it is political. Tesla is doing so good because they are filling in the nitch that Elon got into early. Get more into it and there will be no nitch after the “feel” good buyers saturate the market. EV only accounts for 3% of automotive sales and until Fossil fuel is gone and battery packs improved, I don’t see it. Just my thoughts. I should have put money in bit coin back in the day. I’m no investment person.

You shouldn’t have given up your slot. Your Price was locked in and you could have sold it for a nice profit like many are doing. Had a four seater Ranger on order for a year, rode it for a week and resold. Dealer offered $6,000 more and got a private sale for $8,500 more. Give it a few more months and I believe the toy market will tank though.

Thought about trying to flip. $90k outlay for what I was looking at. My dealer also had a 1 year hold requirement, so the workaround would have been a pain.

Joe Manchin’s behind the scenes chess game?

Why don’t EVs have an emergency sail?

Range problem solved…


Yeah well, Manchin just got boned after supporting Biden’s IRA crap. That’s what happens when you trust a politician.

I’m wondering how well those EV’s are working out during the Hurricane Evacuation?

You make a very good point…

Just wondering; what part of Tesla.s profits come from sell their CAFE standards to the other manufactures? Ever wonder if GM, Ford, etc. are only building EVs for the Obama ridiculous CAFE requirements? Remember the standards don’t apply to the cars you sell, only the cars in your line up.

Just wondering

Also wondering just how they’ll make out during an extended power outurge?