Election Integrity

Read with an open mind and comment accordingly.

EXTREME TRUTH, AND EVIDENCE, and not contradicting, as the left reports often are.

The evidence CAN be denied, same as ANY evidence can be denied, but if one uses COMMON SENSE REASONING to analyze evidence, rather than bias, the truth IS obvious.

The LACK of response here is GREAT, because it shows EXACTLY why we are where we are politically today.

As mentioned in the article, the truth came out in the 2000 election decades ago, by Jimmy Carter no less(who conservatives do not trust anyway) so his admission is not too credible.

BUTTTT the questions of election integrity go WAYYYYY back who knows exactly how far, but the Nixon election, the Johnson election, Kennedy election, practically all elections last 60 years at least, are STILL in question. Most questions originally involved mob and unions, especially Jimmy Hoffa’s Teamsters Union.

MANY MANY books with evidence, have been BRAVELY written of these improprieties throughout our lifetimes, my wife is reading several this year, covering Nixon showing Nixon and Trump VERY similar in accomplishments, and Watergate at the moment, just finished Franklin Roosevelt, and the NEW DEAL, sounds EXACTLY like the GREEN NEW DEAL, doesn’t it?

Nixon created the EPA, and OSHA, SURPRISE, now the Dimwits CLAIM ownership of COURSE of both.

Next step expect some internet and cp BIASED media evidence to be presented PER USUAL by the left, and of COURSE we will ignore the typical memes of REPETITION presented here weekly by the left.

On another subject, the 18 or so Dimwits LAWMAKERS who BLATENTLY broke the law(DISGUSTING in the least) for Congress members to stoop so low, SHOWS EXACTLY the caliber of Dimwits party leaders in DC the past (60) years+ at the least. These CORRUPT actions were hidden in the past, but now the left feels so SUPERIOR(where have we heard that word on here), and another accusation ““above the law””, they just blatently STATE their intentions publicly, as the current resident of the White House did in his campaign, OF COURSE he now DENIES all those promises, even the oil drilling permit plans, of COURSE the blame game blaming Putin for Bi Bi xing’s DESTRUCTION of President Trump"s oil superiority, without saying it.

Of COURSE, the Dimwits TWISTED statements as usual, only state the actual number of permits in use, which is a OBVIOUS diversion from the subject at hand, simply meant to DECEIVE the people, as usual, who do not bother to read, analyze, nor pay any attention to the Dimwits party talk and actions, resulting in the Dimwits party WINNING elections, court cases, media reports, and PRIOR TO President Trump’s accomplishments, they RULED the SUPREME COURT too, for too long.

Now they just publicly acknowledge they plan to ADD MORE Justices until they TAKE back the majority, and the IGNORANT, AND LAZY Anericans who pay no attention, will swallow the Dimwits party lie ““Trump forced us to do this””, AGAIN playing the blame game, instead of taking FULL responsibility for their actions, of COURSE.

FORTUNATELY for America, we now have a sane, responsible majority in the Senate with Manchin and Seneca, people who DO ACT WITH knowledge and FULL responsibility for their actions that correspond with the founding fathers of our nation, and our Constitution, which VERY OBVIOUSLY the Dimwits DESTRUCTION party has every intention of DESTROYING, as witnessed by the Affordable Healthcare Act(NOT affordable nor Constitutional), the Election Reform Act, which is immoral, and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

More and more, (2) Impeachment proceedings that were illegal, and UNCONSTITUTIONAL, a Jan. 6 committe that is not illegal, nor UNCONSTITUTIONAL, it just is plain and simple IMMORAL, WRONG, and breaks ALL precedence of previous generations of Congressional investigations, same as the Mueller investigation, and others OF COURSE.

This long, long dissertation of evidence, and opinions also shows the need for the Politics forum here, to inform, and to correct fallacies posted regularly, with biased evidence and opinions that are obviously fodder in some cases.

Opposing views are welcomed with evidence that passes the common sense test, of which many cp’s don’t do, as the right side READILY admits our leaders fall VERY short of logic sometimes, and our Republican in Name Only leaders are TOTAL SHAMES to our party, and our good leaders make mistakes too, but those realities are never admitted on the left side’s good or bad leaders here or nationwide it seems. CERTAINLY the left leaders never throw any of their leaders under the bus, even in cases of BLATANT non common sensical behavior.

This post is primarily addressed to Bayrider, the OP OF COURSE, NOT addressed to the left as criticism, so inappropriate posts may be ignored.

Well this is certainly an interesting event in congress to fix a problem they claimed didn’t exist


I’m like @Fred67 I’ll never believe the 81 million vote count for Biden if it were true they’d be proud to prove it is true and not coverup or stonewall investigations into it.

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What’s your vote worth?

Yep, just more election fraud by the radical right…

Colorado man pleads guilty to casting missing wife’s ballot (msn.com)

If a comedian can be the president of Ukraine then a comedian with a disability can expose the illegitimate Biden

What happened when election fraud evidence was given to the federal authorities?


I bet you’re wondering who voted for all these far left wingers?

Drop box democrats


Another big surprise eh? It doesn’t matter who votes, only who gets to count the votes

Next up change the definition of wide spread election fraud

Hey @EasyRider here’s a good read for you

which plan you think will be used?

Thanks Bay, very good read, BUTTTT about at least 10 years outdated, since Hussein for certain.

Butttt, the Dimwits party leaders have plotted AND cheated(proven facts, not opinion, according to NUMEROUS sources, books, investigations, court cases, you name it???

ANDDDDD for MINIMUM (60) years, since JFK, the mob has OBVIOUSLY been involved, especially through Hoffa, J. Edgar Hoover, Daily in Chicago, on and on, PROBABLY since the end of WW2, when the FUTURE of America was brightest, and the CORRUPTION possibilities were the greatest, after prohibition FAILED thanks to the mob too.

The mob and Dimwits have LONGGGG been bedmates, OBVIOUSLY(and unions) CONTROL being the theme, which brings us to today’s world.

The Dimwits and the RINOS got along fine, SHARING the wealth(CORRUPTION), until ONE DONALD J TRUMP(billionaire and another CORRUPT wealthy person), decided HE wanted the POWER, PLUS he decided that the American people were getting screwed, booed, and tatooed every way possible(including him OF COURSE), SOOOOOO time(at age 70+) to say “what the hell”, I have done it all, why not be President(not just a politician), and why not ride the white horse for a change, and be THE hero of heroes(narcissism) to be honest.

THAT decision was FARRRRR too much for the Dimwits and RINOS, because of upsetting the CORRUPT WEALTH IN DC. SOOOOOO that answers your question of WHICH plan will they(Dimwits/RINOS) take?

VERY SIMPLE, they have already shown their plan to be the LAST TWO listed, cheating and using laws to CONTROL the elections.

Same thing coming again, but they do need to be a little more discreet this time, so IMO they will go the LEGAL route, where they are in control almost totally, ie they WILL allow illegals to vote legally, by changing the law, and by passing the fillibuster(on all their laws).

My only question is are yhey more concerned about Congress or the
White House, the normally obvious answer is President, BUTTTT they are so hell bent on POWER AND CONTROL, that making laws is probably more important. That assumption means they are DESPERATE to make all their moves before Nov.

Reference the J6 committee, I believe they KNOW the President and Congress have too much protection in DC to serve time, so they just want an indictment to prevent him from running, and upsetting the wealth wagon.

Same way the Impeachments went, conviction, but no prison time, etc. will be this outcome too, BUTTTT this time a conviction means a criminal record, thus not able to run.

I personally believe it will be dismissed, or appealed to the Supreme Court of Conservatives, which will most likely go in the President’s favor, thus the reason why the Dimwits want to stack that court, and WILL attempt that before Nov., along with MANY new laws and Executive Orders to change this election.

Their reputation and their consciences are seered to the point OF NO RETURN with DECENT PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZENS, the others are just DECEIVED followers of the party and the media, and the FEDERAL programs PERIOD, including LOCKDOWNS(of course more coming SOON), back to masks, factory shutdowns, SHORTAGES, STRIKES(COMING SOON) and more global policies than we can tolerate.

Closing, TOLERANCE BE DAMNED, moderation be damned, NEVER EVER ENOUGH turmoil, and DISTRACTION to suit POWER CRAZED, UNHINGED ACTIVISTS(examples: Antifa, BLM, ABORTION, TEACHERS NEXT, AND THE DIMWITS OWN ““REDNECKS””, the truckers and union workers NEXT!!!

What the heck bay, we all know Biden got 81 million votes. ~~~ Biden, the most racist president in our history, got more Black votes than Obuma did. Too much corruption going on in our country in so many offices.


More truth here

All ya got to do is watch 2000 mules and understand Frances stance on voting. No way did Biden get 81 million votes and Jan 6th was not an insurrection.

Arizona proved that any one Trump endorses wins, America First voters want nothing to do with decipticon backstabbing Pence, and when there are grassroots America First poll watchers the Uniparty found out it was just too difficult to cheat.

I agree with Fred saying ""no matter your party, you CANNOT deny the accomplishments of President Trump in taxes, trade, oil independence, less regulations, military, police, and first responders pay raises(NOT DEFUNDING), NO WARS, could go on and on, naturally.

SOOOOOO, his endorsements SHOULD AND DO mean tons to PATRIOTIC American citizens!!!

Oh my god, you are soooo full of bullshit! Get your head out of your ass…or you that dense too?

During President Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House, the national debt grew by some $7.8 trillion—or nearly 40 percent compared to the amount when former President Barack Obama left office in January 2017.

In his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump said he would “get rid” of the national debt during eight years in office. The president is actually leaving office after four years, having lost his re-election bid to President-elect Joe Biden. But instead of addressing the national debt during his four years in office, the Trump administration oversaw a significant increase even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the government to pass massive stimulus legislation.

When Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, the national debt stood at about $19.9 trillion. As he leaves office this month, the national debt has grown to about $27.7 trillion. That’s an increase of 39.2 percent.

The annual deficit under Trump ranks as the third highest of any president in history, with the other two being former Presidents Abraham Lincoln and George W. Bush who both oversaw wars during their tenures in the White House, according to Eugene Steuerle, co-founder of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, as reported by The Washington Post. Although much of the deficit spending under Trump came as a result of the COVID-19 stimulus, the debt was growing rapidly even before 2020.

Economists have pointed to Trump’s signature legislative achievement, the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, for pushing the national debt upward. The tax cuts, which largely benefited the wealthiest Americans and corporations, left a significant shortfall in tax revenue. The Congressional Budget Office projected in January that the annual deficit would be about $1 trillion going forward due largely to Trump’s tax cuts.

What did Orange Man say? I alone can fix it? Sure thing Bud!