Election Integrity

It’s the same B.S. they pulled on John Paul Mac Isaac (the guy that reported hunters laptop). They crusified him and he had to move to another state because of death threats. I hope his law suit brings him a bunch. All they are trying to do is intimidate future whistleblowers.

Trump’s got ‘em treed

MAGA Yeehaw :cowboy_hat_face:!!!


At this point I’d be happy to just see the FBI go after all those that used Epstein and Maxwell’s services for sex with little girls to go to jail.

We know for a fact the FBI planted fake evidence on Trump, why should we believe the raid on his home was legit? Why should we believe anything from the FBI anymore? The agency would rather go after a pillow salesman’s phone over Pedophiles raping little girls. It’s f’d up. If our Main Stream Media had any Journalist left this would be front and center.

Just a minor oversight, don’t be silly, there was no ballot cheating, we counted the same ballots every time and our man Joe won

Grassroots MAGA Americans taking back elections to stop the steals

Yeah baby! MAGA Yeehaw :cowboy_hat_face:!!! Trump won and will win again!

Put that in Hunter’s crack pipe and smoke it!

This is why he’s leading in the polls and will win

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Yeah baby, rage against the machine!