Fake news and or opinions

I don’t believe these reporters are the least bit sorry for their lies. They helped create Never Trumper haters and America Last policies. The only way the NYT is able to keep printing their garbage is by sucking Bezos’ Amazon profits.

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Journalism used to be about gathering facts and data, verifying that information and then reporting that information. Now it seems like journalism is all about a “getting it out there first” mentality where truth and accuracy take a back seat to simply putting out a story. Even if proven to be wrong some time after the fact, no one seems to care and little if any effort is made to clarify any inaccuracies. There are few (if any) real, true journalists anymore. Now there are simply “reporters” that spew whatever crap their network/organization puts in front of them. It is hard to believe any story when it first comes out because everyone has an agenda these days. Don’t like the truth about something? Hey, just don’t report on it.

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Never forget what they did to him

and what they’re doing for him

I hope that you realize that what this article is explaining is that the OPINION columnists were admitting that OPINIONS that they had previously published were wrong. This has nothing to do with the NYT saying that their REPORTING was in error.

Ok understood but hasn’t the NYT developed a history of biased disinformation/misinformation compared to other alternative media? Isn’t that the reason for their subscription losses?

Hey @sea_tonic , if you have time please read this substack article and it has the same message as to why I don’t trust much of anything published by the NYT. Thanks

FB and Tweeter have been infested and back door funded by your guvmit for years. That’s there best propaganda tool that keeps the uninformed on the path they choose. It why they ban truthers as conspiracy theorists with their smears. Following the people they smear will get you the facts.

IMO, Steve Bannon is one of the best leaders of the America First movement

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Progress :+1:

Truth news matters

What happens when an America First Governor reverses the tactics being used against him?

The propaganda machine has a meltdown

America First is the way, the only way and the majority of Americans want it.

Look at Tuesday’s election results when America First Patriots kept eyes on the precincts and ballots

We’re tired of the Republican decepticons that have sold us out for their own profits

You would think the legacy media would be tickled pink for a real investigation into Biden’s 81 million votes in order to prove they were on the right side of the reporting and be able to smear the egg on the faces of the deniers