Feelings Get Hurt and EF Deletes Posts

Sorry I hurt your feelings EFer… You should have lived up to your promise to ignore me… :rofl:

Just the new Janitor cleaning this place up,nothing to see here.

The lounge is spotless by the way.

Great punch too,LOL

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Well of course the Lounge is spotless, the men there have you as their cook and maid… :joy:

BTW, you deleting posts, or having them deleted, where you get owned, only proves that you admit you are outmatched when on a level playing field…

You can dish it out, but are thin skinned when you get it back… Sorry, but true…

Bet EFer will have to have the last word…

I have deleted no threads, that is a lie.

Back on ignore now, you had another chance and blew it again.

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I read his post. Call for the Lizards to PM him. Then it was gone.

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EF is changing subject titles above again…. Changed it back…

@Bob_241 - Make sure and get a picture of EF’s face when he comes and goes fishing with you as he promised… :laughing:

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You can’t believe a word that man said.

Shame on you Bob, i sent you a pm about fishing this week and also answered you about next week on your last crappie post.

I made an effort, extended my hand and tried to wipe the slate clean.

I havent said anything mean or against you for some time, and i have never lied to you.

Shame on you Lowell, you dont deserve my friendship nor my time.

Enjoy your porch

Gonna be kinda hard for you two to meet since he promised to keep you on ignore… Maybe EFer will peep for directions to your house… :rofl:

Spoken like a true woman… Now get back to cooking Bob his breakfast…

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

EF Nutton can’t make up her mind which post to keep up… :rofl: