Ga. US Representative Marjorie Taylor Green’s Husband’s Arrest

America First means equal justice under the law and enforce the worn out sound bite No one is above the law

Just like most Dems Bob could never explain why he is a Dem. I remember what poly ball told me when I asked him during the Trump years. Poly said the economy is better under Dem leadership??? Looks like things have reversed. Things are worse now with Dem rule than they ever were under Trump

jec-fact-sheet—the-economy-under-democratic-vs.-republican-presidents-june-2016.pdf (

Growth of US economy under Trump was worst since Hoover | The Independent

Growth of America under Biden is non existent. All anyone that supports Biden has is trump bla bla bla.

Inflation is stated at 8.6%, I figure at a conservative rate it is 16-18% and probably higher. Let’s Go Brandon!!

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