GOAT Trump

Gonna trigger the current resident suffering from stage 4 severe TDS

Bay , you have my respect as a purveyor of truth. Trump did this country lots of good. From my view he prevented an HRC presidency and he seated conservatives on the Supreme Court. He had control of the southern border and prices on everything we purchase were reasonable. In my opinion Trump was a great president. I would rather have mean tweets than the failure of a president as we have now or what we would have had with HRC

:+1: America First Baby Yeehaw!

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Donald Trump Built a National Debt So Big (Even Before the Pandemic) That It’ll Weigh Down the Economy for Years — ProPublica

"The national debt has risen by almost $7.8 trillion during Trump’s time in office."

Yeah baby! America First! Trump was the GOAT


America last policies by the worse installed president in the history of the world aka The Big Guy that got a 10% cut of corruption money from his incestuous son Hunter who boink his 14 year old niece and Joe let it happen all documented on laptops left by a crackhead

The greatest don’t get beatdown fair and square by ByeDon…

I am liking Larry Hogan and Chris Christie so far… I’ll research them further as it gets closer…

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Haha, Drumpf’s dad was named Fred, so I guess that makes Don the Con the “Big Dummy”…


“Trump’s endorsement of RINO traitor Kevin McCarthy is as f’ng dumb as his endorsement of Dr. Oz, just what the hell?” tweeted Twitter user @RealMike56.

Trump Endorses ‘Strong’ McCarthy Despite Boos at Rally, Sparks MAGA Outrage (newsweek.com)

Pedro L. Gonzalez on Twitter: “Trump endorsing Frank Luntz bunk buddy Kevin McCarthy, instead of using his political capital to undermine bad GOP leadership, is a sign that Trump has not learned much after all this time about who is and is not America First.” / Twitter

Funny how some like to Blame Everything on Trump but nothing on Biden. How about Obuma increasing our National debt 74%? How about Biden’s Criminal son getting a free pass for incest, underage sex, gun violations, money racketeering, Illegal drug use … How about Biden and him not being able to carry out a conversation, him shaking hands with the air, getting lost leaving a stage, lying to the U.S. repeatably, giving the Taliban (our sworn enemy) billions in cash, ammo, pistols, rifles, helicopters, air planes, transport vehicles, tanks, pickups, years of food supplies, and so much more? Come on Man!


Old enough to remember this?


TDS is the new Mass Psychosis which has caused failure to understand or love America First.

Thanks in bay. It is great to have you on here to show the truth without a TDS lean to it. Some claim to be here to direct us to the truth but only show part of the story. And get angry when we don’t buy their load of crap. No matter how bad they attempt to make and blame Trump It actually does zero to improve our failure of a president. However I was pleased to hear that he is running again. That makes it pretty certain that the Dems will lose

And I am old enough to remember Bay. The first campaign I remember was when Eisenhower won.

Kerp your promise, Fred, STOP replying to totally IGNORANT people???

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Some things need to be brought out, can’t let the Troll believe all he posts. My Dad always told me when a person lies enough they begin to think it’s true. I think the Troll does not believe he has slandered our Military men.

what do we know for a constant on this Troll? He starts out easy then goes deep only to be called out by many, then he tries to come up with a few decent posts to snuggle back in, only to go off again and tell people like myself I’m a bad father! Doing his best to incite anger. The Twist and lie Troll of CFC with TDS.

Somethings are so predictable, but You are right Easyrider, it’s time to back off again. anyone heard from 7cs?

I agree with you Fred but a lot of the stuff the troll puts out it’s just bait. Don’t take the bait! Any time he calls you Alfredo or insults in any other way flAg him!! It’s a personal insult. After admin reads enough flags they will get the picture. Isolation is hell for a troll!!

Guess you haven’t realized calling someone a troll is an insult… You’ll prolly end up getting yourself banded after they read all the nasty stuff you have written…

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Hey everyone, to flag an improper or Insulting post just touch the 3 dots and there are several categories. I use the last one where you can tell admin why the post violates TOS

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Man, a certain few here have really been breaking the rules… Thanks Nacho, I’ll start flagging all your posts too… Prolly gonna take at least a day’s worth of clicking…

BTW Nacho, the above was a joke… I can take the filthy and foul things you say without retribution/revenge because I’m man enough…

Don’t worry Nacho, if you end up getting yourself banded just come back as an alias like you have before…