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Thanks Bay. You are the go to guy for the truth around here. You tell it like it is

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Well, I’d have to say he told the truth when he posted a picture of his blow up doll. Which Fred said was him with a Trump head. None of y’all answered though when asked if y’all gave a group “YEEHAW” when playing with it. Also didn’t answer how many DNAs could be found on it.

Big pharma has no fear as long as they keep putting $ in the pockets of our elected officials.

Any debate about this? I do not think this should be happening, it’s just grounds for corruption and undermines first do no harm.

Fauci should be behind bars… " I doubt I got any money" WTF? 193 million dollars given by big pharma to 1800 scientists. Fauci is the man that told the Nation in 2019 that no vaccine would ever be as good as herd immunity. Then flopped over to say unvaccinated people are killing others.

??? Fred I got covid about 3 weeks after I received the booster. I’m not buying that the vaccine works. I got the Moderna May as well have been water

There’s been some research that indicates the high percentage now positive Covid cases are folks that have been vaccinated and boosted. What concerns me is the new Sudden Death Syndrome where different aged people are dying as well as women having issues with monthly cycles and others losing their babies. Athletes suffering from myocarditis but they arrest Dr. Simone to keep her from speaking the truth.

Here’s your bad breath beater…


And your bad attitude jab…


Hey BOb, here’s your feed. When is it a conspiracy theory when you have a man on video stating just what I said. Fauci did tell us all ON record in 2019 that the covid vaccine would not be ready for another 5-8 years then proceeded to tell us all ON record that the vaccine would never be as good as getting the virus and acquiring natural immunity. I got covid and will NEVER get the vaccine, for those of you that choose to get the vaccine, good for you. I solemnly wish you the best! Now troll away!!!

As to what Bay last posted. It is now a fact that the vaccinated are testing positive more than the unvaccinated for getting covid. I’d guess it has a lot to do with those that were unvaccinated probably had it and now have a stronger immunity than those vaccinated. No matter the reason, it’s happening… No conspiracy here old bobby. Actually it would be nice when you throw out that someone is lying to prove the lie. Show us all you are capable of a decent conversation. ok?

Hey Bob did you do a selfie and then Photoshop the little board into it??
Sorry couldn’t help it.

Are the fish biting up in your neck of the woods?? Or is the water just getting too hot??

I had blood work a couple weeks ago. I went to the doctor the next week and he asked me when I had covid??
Told him that I was not aware that I ever did you. He said well you apparently have you have antibodies

When someone rides motorcycles often, the last thing they should worry about is dying from covid, or anything else…

I was never concerned for my health from covid… I have never really been sick. Maybe a little cold once or twice in my whole life. Thank God !!!
I’ve got somewhere around 800,000 miles on 2 Wheels. I have been busted up pretty bad a few times but they all have been somewhat my fault.

Thats kind of the real purpose of leathers,you know, so your parts stay somewhat close together when things go sideways on hard ground.

or so I’ve heard

IMO, as soon as someone gets on the streets to ride a motorcycle they’re at fault… Knew someone that was killed just from a huge pot hole on the crappy SC roads, and they weren’t speeding… Nothing personal, but to me someone is asking for it when they get on one… There’s a big reason why 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles don’t really have strict safety standards…

so sad you have haters that don’t have a clue or care to get a clue. I got the covid Too!! One week was a bit ruff, but not as bad as I’ve been down with the flu. The only thing different for me was the week after and a terrible head ache. Over and done! My longest and worst ride ever was coming back from Detroit Lakes to GFAFB. That long barren stretch from Fargo to Grand Forks was freezing cold and rainy/ some sleet. Thought I was gonna die. Wife and I made a pact to quit riding several years ago… Just too many jack legs on the road watching a phone over the road. I miss it terribly at times.