Green Energy Fail

It’s hot! But turn off your air conditioners now! We gotta save the planet.

Trump right again

The problem with so many “green” people is that they seem to think that there should only be one source of energy and that it must be “good” for the environment. The truth is, there is no one source that they approve of that will meet the needs of an modern society. I see no reason not to use solar/wind where it can be used effectively but, until someone discovers something that can truly replace traditional sources of power, we will (should) continue to rely on coal and nuclear. The U.S. infrastructure is way behind and someone should be looking at bringing it up to date. If everyone got an electric car tomorrow, there simply isn’t the infrastructure to support it. Too many green folks are putting the cart before the horse.

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Fred right again!

Gettr is an alt-tech social media platform and microblogging site targeted to American conservatives. It was founded by Jason Miller, a former Donald Trump aide, and was officially launched on July 4, 2021. Its user interface and feature set have been described as very similar to those of Twitter. Wikipedia
Alt-tech are social media platforms and Internet service providers that have become popular among conservatives, the alt-right, far-right, and others who espouse extreme or fringe opinions, in the belief that these alternatives moderate content less stringently than mainstream internet service providers.[1][2][3]

The term has been used to both describe platforms created specifically to cater to extremist users with similar functionality to mainstream alternatives, as well as more broadly for mainstream platforms that have less stringent content moderation policies, attracting users who were banned or restricted from other mainstream services.[2] In the 2010s and 2020s, some conservatives banned from other social media platforms, and their supporters, began to post and view content on alt-tech platforms.[3][4][5][6] Several alt-tech platforms describe themselves as protectors of free speech and individual liberty, which some researchers and journalists have described as a cover for far-right userbases and antisemitism on such platforms.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12]

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I like the part: Attracting users who were banned or restricted from other social media platforms.
Y’all can head on over.

More trash can material. “YEEHAW”

Biden gets you Russia First policies

Tell me again about Russia collusion

I didn’t know Clinton boy sleepy Chuck was still on the air spewing far left wing propaganda. Had a far left wing radical wingnut Gore on spreading disinformation about global warming. No report on gore’s carbon foot print traversing the world in his EV planes, trains and automobiles or living in his methane gas operated mansions surviving on crickets and clover.

Karma destroys man-made bird killing machine

WELLLLL, you know Bi xing and the Dimwits DESTRUCTION party leaders DID TOTALLY cover the infrastructure with over (1) TRILLION dollars, don’t you know that???ha ha ha ha FOREVER!!!:&$

(9%) NINE PER CENT went to the INFRASTRUCTURE SUPPOSEDLY, we don’t even have proof of the (9%)???

When truthers speak

Beyond ignorance for the ignorant fantasy

this is what happens from perpetuating a lie

A sub article to that article about Bi xing SELLING our RESERVE OIL to a company OWNED by communist China, which Bi xing has a (1.7) BILLION(???) investment in, with the name ONLY of Hunter Biden on the purchase???

Where does Bi xing get 1.7 BILLION DOLLARS to invest in China energy co.???

ANDDDDD, WHY would Bi xing, President of the United States, invest i a COMMUNIST CHINA co. PERIOD???

President Trump had his OWN co. in China, and Russia, which I personally do NOT approve of by the way, unlike Dimwits party supporters who don’t CARE A BIT what their party leaders do EVIDENTLY???

NEVER EVER criticize their CORRUPT leaders, but make FALSE ACCUSATIONS against their opposition parties, with no ACCUSATIONS toward their own???

HYPOCRISY IS KING in their party???

President Bi xing makes NO PRETENSES about his intentions to DESTROY AMERICA through high prices, high taxes, shortages, FAKE SOLAR ENERGY, ANDDDDDD of COURSE electric cars for EVERYONE, because he thinks EVERYONE can STEAL whatever they want, like he evidently does???

C’mon Palmer!

How’s Greta feel about landfills?