Green Energy Fail

Maybe bolbie will post a pic of his new electric tractor he uses to disc up the fields on his plantation. A good democrat would have one by now for sure. Haha

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Yeah we’re sorry about that but it’s for the greater good.

We need for you to conserve so we can take care of the less fortunate refugees escaping dictatorships.

We can’t seem to accommodate Americans in many instances but we just keep allowing more and more people into the country. Most of which will contribute NOTHING, except a democrat vote come election time.

I’ve got some family in California and What Hannity said in the link you provided is about spot on.

“you must refrain from charging your electric vehicle” WTF!!! California is coming to America. Refrain from using any appliances after 4 p.m.? We don’t cook our supper until 630ish…

California has more natural resources than most states and can’t keep their lights on due to the “green deal”. No thank you California.

You think there’ll be a similar uprising in Biden Country or will they allow campfires again for cooking and warmth?

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Blowing up the global warming conspiracy


You don’t see them posting anything that is a positive in their lives do you? They hate themselves and what they’ve done with their lives and they want you to be as miserable as they can make you. That’s why they hate us, we love America, God and like minded Americans. They are polar opposites.

Yep he’s right has nothing positive to post.

I must have described you perfectly because this is stuck so hard in your crawl you’re having trouble swallowing far left wing radical gut hooking propaganda. Remember how you told us these were all true?

NOTHING POSITIVE HERE EITHER. HE hit the nail on the head too.

Lets count today and see how many positives we get.

Some people are obtuse so they believe whatever the liberal media tells them. Others want whatever the liberal media tells them to be true so they choose to believe it without seeking verification. Many in America choose lies over the truth because it fits their agenda.

I much prefer the truth about the state of our government be it negative or not

every time I “hear” the word Obtuse I think of Andy Dufresne.

I think a Barney Fife

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Thanks for that OTC. I thought I’d seen every episode, I must have missed this Gem. Still laughing! Good wholesome entertainment!

The science was settled on Hank Johnson being the dumbest democrat in office until now

Some people just refuse to see any problems with forcing folks into EVs.

They never see it coming

Left wing radicals need to learn The GOAT is always right!-AP-Discovers-Windmills-Killing.htm