‘He’s done’: how Donald Trump’s legal woes have just gotten a lot worse

Donald Trump’s legal perils have become insurmountable and could snuff out the former US president’s hopes of an election-winning comeback, according to political analysts and legal experts.

On Wednesday, Trump and three of his adult children were accused of lying to tax collectors, lenders and insurers in a “staggering” fraud scheme that routinely misstated the value of his properties to enrich themselves.

Please let us know when there is a conviction. The left has claimed Gotcha on Trump for about 10 years now with nothing to show for it but a waste of time and money

Sounds like the same amount of time spent on Hillary’s emails and Benghazi and Hunter’s lap top.

Actually John Durham got the goods on HRC but the left powers in office cut his budget and silenced him. That will change in November.

Please let us know when there’s a conviction.

Michael Cohen: New York’s Trump Lawsuit News Makes All His ‘Pain And Anger’ Worth It

The truth did come out publicly in court . But I will point it out to you when HRC gets convicted.

Will you also point it out if she don’t?
I’ll help. I’ll be sure to.

Wonder why the left is so scared of the goat. Never in my life have i seen so many so frightened of one man who has never laid a finger on them. But I guess thats what happens when you all willingly cut off your own twigs & berrys.

Is that like y’all being scared of Hillary and Hunter? thats all we hear over on this side. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

We all know what the left is afraid of - that Trump will become president again. I have a few ideas that would work. It might be the first time in history , but if Trump runs with Tulsi as vice then she would pull enough votes from the middle and from moderate Dems that that ticket would be in stoppable! The Dems should fear Hunter and HRC because they will do nothing but harm the party upon exposure of their crimes. Also the left still has lots to fear about Biden. There is still the opportunity for him to make another major screwup

You think they will let him pick his cell at Leavenworth like he picked his seat at the Queen’s funeral? :rofl::rofl::rofl: