I Am For Banning All Guns,,,,,,,,,,,

Graham voted with democrats

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Graham needs to go. He has made a fortune as a carrier politician and he obviously is part of the swamp problem. He is quick to promise but seldom delivers. Ask Fred about Bengali Graham and Hillary.

Also , thank God for Durham for ending Hillary’s political carrier

Shall not be infringed full stop

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Come on @snickers please. Pull the plug. As you can see, this is not stopping. They’re all over.

No personal attacks, very factual based with links, why the complaint???

Very factual based. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Watch the Jan 6 Committee Meetings. You’ll see how distorted your facts are.

Committee distortions are rampant, especially the video to start the proceedings.

Right Wing Radical Propaganda.

Here’s a middle of the road democrat centrist saying the committee is unconstitutional

and the committee has been caught tampering with evidence

the jury pool in DC district court voted 93% democrats and donated to their campaigns as well as most of the judges, all facts if you care to research.

I believe the J6 committee is a political witch hunt against the Uniparty’s opposition.


eralistpapersrevisited says:

May 1, 2019 at 2:50 PM

If your goal was Civil dialogue, too late, there is no civil dialogue on this site. My experience so far is that you have a lot of partisan propaganda being spouted as informed opinion, and the most forceful are those with right leaning ideological beliefs. As the moderator, you should at the very least respond to comments that are way off in the weeds that are accepted as truth when they are misinformed propaganda.

I haven’t seen one comment from you to reign in some of the more contrived comments, and as a Constitutional law professor you should at the least be prepared to cite the Constitutional references which support your position, then we can have an informed discussion because then I can cite the Constitutional references which directly rebut, or clarify, my position.

I understand that the art of debate and discussion are lost today, but don’t waste an opportunity to actually have informed debate in the current climate of our society.

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