I was wrong about Joe Biden

I said he would never make it a year. I was wrong. Moving on, it’s been 75 days since he held a press report, wonder what he’ll have to say this time around. Or better yet what his handlers will allow him to say. He should have been impeached for what he did to our citizens and allies in his f’d up withdrawal from Afghanistan.

What I was right about was a simple truth that he has become America’s worst president…

The main stream said his poll ratings are at 33%. If they say this I’d guess it’s probably more around 12%

I’m still waiting on his cure for cancer. If nothing else we have all learned from Joe that one tank of gas will take you across country in an electric car, The vaccine will keep you from getting corona and spreading it, We will call China first if we ever decide to go to war with them, Georgia’s voting law, was called “Jim Crow on steroids”, and falsely said it would shorten voting hours, opened up our southern border to the World of thieves, drug trafficers, child enslavement, and some of the Earth’s other scum, said his build back worse plan would create 19 million jobs, lied about children “starved to death” in Mexico under Trump’s 2019 border policy, said that he had “traveled 17,000 miles with” Chinese President Xi Jinpinp, because of Joe we have 11 million undocumented illegal aliens, lied and said that “most” gun owners support a ban on large-capacity magazines and also said gun owners support the ban on AR rifles, and the list goes on and on…

How about the defunding of our Police, doesn’t seem to be going to well in NY and other democratic led cities. Crime up 38% and Car thefts up 73%!

Let’s go Brandon!!

Yeah, but tell us how you really feel…

Jimmy Carter says, “Thanks Joe”!

And, at least you were able to start a new thread.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

How I really feel would not be appropriate to post, but I would imagine in line with the majority of this country.

Too bad Trump had so much media hate and bias against him. and let’s not forget his “mean” tweets. ~ I’m wondering if Desantis will run in 2024?

I don’t think DeSantis will run AGAINST TRUMP, he will run WITH Trump as VP I believe.

Depending on the RINOS OF COURSE, how much they push DeSantis to run AGAINST Trump, AND how much DeSantis believes Trump has no chance of winning.

Looks like another Hildabeast vs. Trump campaign, because the Dimwits have NO OTHER option.

I hear the rumors, but I don’t think Hillary will ever run again.

As much as I would like to see Trump run again, I don’t know that he would be electable with all the shenanigans from the left and left run media. At this point if he did run and Desantis went against him it would be a further split and separation with the right. Fortunately, pretty much anyone that runs against Biden should stand a good chance of beating him. Even his own party can not defend his sorry worthless arse.

It’s no mistake his handlers won’t let him hold press conferences. He is unable to think on his own. The man can’t carry on a one sentence conversation.

Let’s Go Brandon!

I would really love it if both parties could come up with decent candidates that aren’t so (**() old. I voted for Trump and loved his policies and the things he accomplished while in office BUT, he can’t keep his big mouth shut and he can’t stop acting like a petulant child. He turned a lot of people away with his personality and demeanor that simply would not vote for him and either voted for Goofy Joe or did not vote at all.

It is a shame he couldn’t act more civil and mature because he did a good job. It is a sad state of affairs that in a country of 350 million people, our choices were Trump and Joe.

I’d vote for Trump again if he was the only option but, I hope we have a better option. Trump is too polarizing and it is time for him to check out, same for Joe, Hillary and the rest. Bring on some new, young blood that will stand up for conservative principles but can be presidential at the same time.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

Something also concerning is the mush heads coming out of high school and college that have been indoctrinated. And wanting free ride kinda crap.


this is the stuff I miss from this sight. Thanks for not giving up dfreedom. and I agree 110%.

What I really wanted back in the day when our liberal “friends” would contribute… was a simple answer as to why they chose Biden. Never once has any given me an answer … other than I HATE TRUMP… Ok… you hate Trump, but why do you support Biden? Actually, why does anyone support Biden?

Been there done that, just surround yourself with the right people this time, let your past teach you well




The most important part of the next election is who gets to count the legal votes

The Dems want to abolish all voting rules along with the Electoral College. Then we can have mob rule and which ever side that gives away the most candy will win every time. I can envision the bus loads taking people from poll to poll getting the most votes out of each person as they can in the times the polls are open. There was a time that the USA wanted informed and intelegent voters. The Biden’s and Harrises of the country will win every time!

Is good to see you back Bay.

It is my hope that CFC can recover from the damage done by the trouble makers . I do not miss the vile name calling and insulting posters

missed ya too Bay… You take a sabbatical?

Sort of, getting the facts from the 2 most important people in America, Joe Rogan and Steve Bannon

Your comments are the reason for VOTER ID!!!

I have a Dr. appt. tomorrow, they said ““BRING YOUR ID””, BUTTTT they want no ID for voters, OF COURSE, so voters can vote UNLIMITED TIMES, as long as they have a name and address to use, even DEAD ones!!!

AND, YES. The Electoral College is the ONLY fair way to do an election.

I noticed on the news tonight that New York and the large(especially Dimwits) cities have LOWERED their numbers of Covid hospitalizations and deaths, WONDER WHY???

During the Trump administration they were the highest???

I believe it’s time for Kameltoes to replace Bi xing, which MAY be worse???

Probably BIGGER lies, more BLM favors, MAYBE less Covid to make her look better, and a MIRACLE CURE(some remake of Ivermectin and Hydrochloroquine but RX ONLY and a fortune)!!!

The vaxx side effects(especially the booster) blood clots mainly so far, are STILL deadly and severity to be determined yet!!!

Thank God for Manchin and Senema(take notice RINOS, vote right), hope they don’t get kicked out of the Dimwits party.

Abrams showed her butt Tuesday, as blacks love to do, hope that destroys her chances, but probably not because she is black and female.

The almost a million people who have died SUPPOSEDLY FROM COVID, are still on voter rolls. SOOOOOO there is another million votes for the Dimwits, UNLESS the Republicans get to work making sure those dead people are removed from their voting roles. A million ILLEGALS is easy to find for the Dimwits DESTRUCTION party PURGATORY, unless ID is REQUIRED, then FAKE ID’S will come into play anyway!!!

The Dimwits will let Bi xing take the hit for Ukraine doing nothing, and Rocketman missile firings doing nothing, and China doing whatever they want, before replacing him most likely.

PROMISES by his replacement will just be more BIG LIES with NO RESULTS, like the RED LINE in the sand!!!

NUCLEAR THREATS are coming next to the CORRUPT REGIME’S DOOR, and then Americans will TRULY see the pathetic party leaders sheet in their pants, and call emergency meetings of THEIR party only, causing even more IGNORANCE ACCUSATIONS, BUTTTT, they don’t care, because they plan on about THIRTY(30) MILLION ILLEGALS , plus FOREIGN citizens working here(several million) votes, to replace the 30-40 million Americans who WILL NOT remain IGNORANT Dimwits voters any longer, BUTTTT, that won’t be enough most likely for a win(we hope)???

No matter how people try to spin it or think it’s safe , the vaccine is still in the experimental stage. Stage 1 approval. This thing has not even made it to stage 2 approval, much less the needed Stage 3 approval level that is required for mass usage … As been the way with every other vaccine in the history of the World. What our government has done is used it’s trust and pull to Force citizens in believing this vaccine is necessary. Y’all know as our President has so boldly stated, it’s not We the People, but We the Government. Biden believes this, make no mistake.

Here’s more. Our PRESIDENT lied and told us all it WOULD stop the Spread of Covid and keep anyone that took the vaccine from getting Covid. Why would he do that? He also said the Unvaccinated are killing other Americans?! More lies.


I have two Ideas why the approval and push. One this vaccine was developed right along with the Wuhan bug that escaped the lab (all biowarfare agents are created side by side with a cure) and the other is Fauci and Friends saw this as a Get rich scheme … Which we know it was and is.

You have to love a party that has no problem with making you show your photo ID and Vax card to dine out but NOTHING to vote. Hypocrites, each and every one.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

Need to have that printed up as a t-shirt

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

How to scare a democrat


What’s really happening


Isn’t peculiar the democrats told you Biden’s election was the most free and fair election in history but now they want to federalize elections and remove state’s authorities?

Stay informed

Biden made the goofy comment (one of many) last night that the 2022 elections will be illegitimate. Funny how HIS election was just fine but, one that hasn’t even happened yet is illegitimate.

Funny stat. A Rasmussen poll a few months ago showed where 65% of all blacks approve of having to show a photo ID to vote and 75% of all voters favor a photo ID. Hmmmm

Last nights presser? No questions about the border, economy, etc. AND, anything and everything that is fouled up was either blamed on Covid, Trump or the Republicans. Way to deflect, like a good liberal always does so well.

This guy is a total clown, surrounded by amateur clowns. His wife should be ashamed for letting him make such a fool of himself.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?