Is Bob the male

With deference to any good ‘Bobs’ out there, is ‘Bob’ the male version of ‘Karen’?

Bob has your Karen swinging. Most pricks on here call it “SWEET THANG”.
Especially on no post Thursday

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Well, has anybody here seen “SWEET THANG”? I got a notion he’ll be headed this way.

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Typically the male version of a “Karen” is called a “man-Karen”, but the newest term is a “Ken” which is funny isn’t it Alfredo…


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Our neighborhood troll told me it was Ken, but that could be just because he knows my name is Kenny ???

Bob sounds good to me.

Dang, I thought this was a recent post? Popped up in my tab. Just saw the 11 months later.

Bob would certainly work for the male version of Karen.

On a side note, I know two Karens. One fits the bill perfectly and the other one is super nice, so you have a 50/50 shot there.

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About as aware as normal… :laughing:

I just don’t know hbu?

Bob is going to jail

this goes quiet, just like the 60-80 shootings EVERY week in Chicago for the last few years! How about the silence on our Border invasion?