Jan. 6 Committee

Some Americans will never get over the traumatic events by the hateful criminals that committed an insurrection against the peaceful process of changing administrations. They should all be in Biden’s gulag

Perfect example of what happens when you cave to the leftist mob

Reality is it’s good vs evil

There’s hope on the horizon! Trump backed candidates are winning elections!

From the deep dark bowels of the WW internet, where’s Ray Epps and 1%Watchdog? Shouldn’t they be in Biden’s gulag being beaten by the democrat guards?

:poop: is going to change when MAGA takes back America

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I’m thinking Ray Epps, the 600 riots over the summer of 2020, Maxwell, and those that raped little girls on Epstein’s Island needs to be added to y desire to see Justice brought from Hillary’s Benghazi’s torture and murder.

:point_right: cp “1%Watchdog” joins a long list of characters—from Ray Epps to individuals in neon-orange hats marching with the Proud Boys—who face no consequences without explanation. So FBI agents can hunt down and arrest selfie-taking grandmas but not a man giving marching orders to a key “militia” group attempting to “overthrow democracy” on January 6?

While the government shows no interest in discovering the identity of “1%Watchdog,” the judge handling the trial indicated he would like more information.

:point_up_2:t2:Just like the pipe bombs, Ray Epps, Capitol Police murders and who opened the magnetic doors

A perfect example of why it’s futile to present facts to a left wing radical

how’d you like that word salad?

Commie Raskin continues to coverup Ray Epps


Of all the people acting a fool on Jan 6th, Ray Epps is the most publisised figure rallying people to storm the capital. So many in jail and Ray Epps is running free. FJB and those in charge of our top law agencies.

Jack legs go after the “my pillow” man and totaly ignore all those that visited Epstein’s Pedophile Island. I didn’t realize it, but that slime ball had girls as young as 11 forced into sex with rich and powerful people.

C’mon man why are the far left wing radicals hiding Ray Epps and the pipe bomber?

Don’t you want the truth?

The sex-trafficking investigation of Matt Gaetz.

yes sir bay, why hide Ray Epps? As a matter of fact, why hid Epstein!!!

trump gaetz mugshot

Fred theys gettin smoked out more than thems mackerels on the what I ate thread

MAGA Yeehaw :cowboy_hat_face:!!!

Watch the corrupt DOJ drop all charges against him to keep him from exposing their FBI’s planned j6 insurrection

Goober Garland vs Ernest T Bass

Only Trump can rage against the machine!

Hey Fred, Raskin don’t know who Ray Epps is

I hope they keep pushing the Ray Epps issue. They want it to go away and sadly it just might like Epstein’s “suicide”, benghazi, the client list of those that paid to rape little girls groomed by epstein and maxwell, all those that caused billions in property damage to federal buildings during the 2020 riots, and those that murdered and permanently crippled police officers during those same riots.

Anyone on this sight not know who Ray Epps is? If you look him up most stuff you find now is about how his life has been ruined from a conspiracy theory that he helped insight protesters Jan 6th. Basically this man has been whitewashed. That my friends is not a conspiracy but truth!! One big cover up. Mark Levin has a good segment on him.