Jan 6 FBI Operative

Never included in prime time broadcast that only stage 4 TDSers watched. Why won’t Pelosi release the 4000 hours of actual video?

We need to go in the capital! Why is this guy not in solitary like so many others?!

How do you get stage 4 TDSers to believe Biden telling them the greatest threat to America is white supremacy domestic terrorists?

What were you guys doing in that UHaul anyway Bayrider???

What’s so strange according to your article Bay, they were arrested for “conspiracy to riot”, a misdemeanor. Antifa and BLM actually hit law officers with bricks, permanently blinded some with lasers, caused literally Billions of dollars in property damage and nothing was done to them?

Ride sharing, it was the smart thing to do with today’s price of gas.

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I asked that same question about Extortion 17 but never got an answer

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Mother loving bull crap on that one… obuma did not kill osama bin ladin. and after all this crap a member of the Seals comes out with a book on a top secret mission and is allowed to publish? Unheard of. almost all those involved are now dead. Osama is buried in the mountains that got bombed in Bush’s campaign.

hey troll explain why you think this is worthy of a laughy face? It was most all involved in the “death” of osam bin ladin that are now dead . Is it a laughing matter that so many died?! Is this another attack on our military from you? Or just your sick sense of being? I had hoped you just disappeared from this place. I guess Bob tagged out and you jumped in.

Want to talk some serious stuff, I’d be glad to give you some first hand info on the his kidney dieses that is now dismissed on the net. But that would mean you would have to meet me in person. LOL. you puzzz troll.

C’mon man!

Haters gotta hate :clap:

Why can’t we talk about the FBI’s operation insurrection?


Democrats and the media are successfully brainwashing millions of their cult-like disciples who allow themselves to be duped time and again by the likes of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

trump fanboys 2

FBI’s Operation Insurrection being peeled like a South Carolina onion

Yeah baby! Yeehaw!!! :cowboy_hat_face:

After insulting tweet, Cruz tells Trump: Leave my wife ‘the hell alone’ (usatoday.com)

George Clooney mocks Ted Cruz for supporting Trump despite president ‘calling his wife ugly’ | The Independent

Haha, Cruz is a puss…

Good stuff Bay, I hope more “republicans” get on board with getting to the bottom of the FBI’s involvement and 23 law officers on video removing barricades and motioning protesters in.

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Unbelievable. Why should we trust a single thing released by the committee? Think about it, a group made up of congressmen and their staffers didn’t bother to even check what might be in that stairwell before smearing an American citizen:

I watched that crap last night Bay, that was about as screwed up as Nine eyed billy goat. They tried to say that guy was taking pics of the stairwell, it was a picture on the wall.

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Attempting to disrupt official congressional business, trespassing and insurrection

Put them in the same prison as the J6 political prisoners without trials for 2 years

Yeah, only an idiot would think this dude is taking a picture of a wall and not the stairwell… The Drumpf loyalists have been brainwashed and duped repeatedly…

You really are a troll or the biggest idiot on this sight. I’m thinking both. It was a picture on the wall d f. The camera is not even aimed at the stair well. Besides even if old boy was taking a pic of the stair well, so what? There is your feed for the week. Enjoy it troll.

Point to ponder, my wife knows my user name and my love of this sight. I bet your wife doesn’t have a clue to you bragging about your daughter cussing at adults or your disregard of our military, you slinging libel about me being a bad father and so much more trolling with the perverse intent to incite anger. And I’m not the only one targeted. I’m really surprised admin has not stepped up and at least given you a warning. Don’t worry I’ve not flagged you on anything.