Jan 6 FBI Operative

Political prosecution full stop

Do you think Ray Epps is really Dick Cheney in disguise?

That would make sense for why Liz might be protecting him

Old enough to remember when leftist hated Liz n Dick with a passion but now they’re extremely useful idiots to never trumpers

When the DOD broke the law and never trumpers are still cheering

banana republic :point_left:

this is insane. Why are the republicans in congress letting this happen?

Miley should be in Leavenworth for his roll in letting China know he would call them if Trump decided to do anything military against them. That is TREASON.

Only following orders from Trumps staff, get it straight bruh….

In his most extensive comments to date on the matter, Milley said that the calls on Oct. 30 and Jan. 8 were fully coordinated with the defense secretaries at the time as well as other U.S. national security agencies.

The calls came during Trump’s turbulent last months in office as he challenged the results of the 2020 election. The second call came two days after Jan. 6, when a violent mob attacked the U.S. Capitol in an effort to prevent Congress from certifying Biden’s White House victory.

Milley said the October call was made at the direction of then-Defense chief Mark Esper and the second was done at the request of the Chinese and coordinated with then-acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller’s office.

Chris Miller, the dude that never received orders to deploy Natl. Guard on January 6.

Y’all boi need to pay attention to Alex Jones, the lies and conspiracy theories will catch up to you one day$$$$$$$ Alex better start selling more seaweed supplements, made in Japan

Sure talks lots like Poly. Used the same phrases. Same words. Like a duck! Even talks in opinions like poly did.


First call was Oct 30th… No matter what Milley says in his defense or anyone believe, it was Treason what he did. He had no Authority to call an enemy of the state. There was nothing to deescalate, all it amounts to is more hate for Trump.

All b.s. aside, do you really think Trump was about to send nuclear warheads to China? I know you hate the man, but answer in truth bo. No way on God’s Green Earth was Trump going to bomb China.

ONLY the Dimwits party leaders and supporters would EVER EVER spread such delirious rhetoric as BOMBING CHINA, OF COURSE NO American leader has ANY intention of bombing China, TOTALLY LUDICROUS RHETORIC PERIOD, even for Trump haters, that one was ludicrous!!!

How come you didn’t link to your article dated 9/28/21, Plagiarism?

My post link is current real news directly from the OIG report of statements from General Miley.

Are you saying Miley didn’t run the J6 operation as he stated?

What’s your thoughts on Ray Epps?

Hey Bolbie @Bolbie when you regain your thoughts, here’s some more evidence on record. So show us your evidence that J6 was not a DOD operation combined with the FBI to overthrow the current president

How is that treason , Fred ? Not following orders is treason? You have lost your focking mind!

Is the Big Guy’s 10% from foreign adversaries treason?

Yep. It’s poly ball! All the same phrases and presenting opinions as truth. Are you still proud of how Biden has brought respect to the USA

Really? You need to look up treason, not following orders is not treason.

But you already knew that

You are correct, ef

Fred, following orders is treason?

Aiding an enemy is Treason. Trump was the commander in Chief at the time. Trump was over the Military. You need to understand the China is not our Allie. You cannot have the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs actually going to our counterpart in the Chinese government. Are you really this dense bro? Come on Man. We all know you hate trump, but what Miley did was out right b.s.

The second call was just more treasonous B.S. because the Jan 6th protest had nothing to do with Trump bombing China and Miley even admits to this.

Mark Esper and Chris Miller were trumps people, they ordered Gen. Milley to make the call…Not sure how to explain it to you any more. You my friend are acting as the dense individual.

Robbie. Are you spouting hearsay?