Joe Biden

LMAO :joy:

Now the illegitimate Kenyan is sending his flunky out

You old enough to remember Barry Soetero’s speech about Plug The Dam Hole? The comedian Ricky ??? at the Alabama Theater in Myrtle Beach even had a song about it.

The Biden administration might have to go collect them from the boy’s bathrooms in their public schools

Y’all should search joe falling while trying to ride a bike,what a dork.haha haha

If we didn’t have to suffer through this disaster created by Bike Better Biden what he has done with globalist and Uniparty members will ensure victory every where except for democrat controlled cities where election fraud will keep them as is

In November, Americans will go to the polls. The election itself will do more than test the integrity of the American electoral process. The election is also likely to ensure that Biden is remembered for his intransigence; his refusal to change course, like Herbert Hoover in 1932. Democrats will recall that their predecessors in the Democratic Party effectively ran against Hoover for more than a half century. Republicans may end up running against Joe Biden for the next 50 years.

I have not heard one single lefty tell us how great of a president Biden is. But they won’t admit to the disaster he has created…All the can seem to do is point to Trump who was an infinitely better president

Well until yesterday he had a catchy campaign sayin: “Ridin with Biden “

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Dayum! Joe ain’t president no more in Texas

This can’t be good for Build Back Betteran Beto

Bay. You could do an intensive search and find an obscure poll that would support Beto. AKA The genius*

I am not responsible for the name genius

I stated this was a genius idea because Beto would have been running against Drumpf who was a draft dodger, not that Beto was a genius… Guess you don’t support veterans… Sorry, even Dems have good ideas but you would reject them just because they’re from a Dem…

I challenge you to actually read it in its entirety and tell me why this is wrong…

Beto O’Rourke releases veterans plan with health care fund, “war tax” | The Texas Tribune

Beto, the man wrote a ‘murder fantasy’ about running over children and delighting in their screams of anguish, he also fed his wife baby crap and told her it was avocado dip. How anyone with half a brain could call that man a genius is beyond me. The same man that recently pulled a political stunt for personal gain in front of grieving parents.

I wonder why the media never mentions Joe Bidens 5 time draft deferral from asthma while he was a college athlete and life guard? I really wonder why there is no mention of Joe Showering with his daughter and her saying that is what made her a sex addict? We have a president that no one can deny is in mental decline. (they may try to twist to Trump or ingnore it, but it still doesn’t make it untrue) Shaking hand with the air, getting lost on stage, loosing all track of a sentence, his worsening shuffle walk pace,


I guess this is why Texas says Biden is illegitimate

The J6 illegitimate committee used Barr’s opinions as a sound bite only he had no authority to investigate Trump and 2000 Mules irrefutable evidence.

2000 Fules is more like it…

Haha who needs to laugh? About all you can do about it for a while.