Joe's approval rating skyrockets to 44%

I guess I’d love to say with 100% proof that this is another lie. But you look at the polls on Google and that’s what they say it is. Congress’s approval rating is sitting at 12% How is the leader and President sitting so much higher? Moving to common sense and just a little critical thinking, There is no way Biden has a 44% approval rating and that it just went from 36% to 44% in two days.

Just too many lies being told to all of us. Russia collusion, Benghazi, Epstein, Climate change, take the vaccine and you won’t get corona, if you like your health care plan you can keep it, Joe told us all recently that our Borders were secure, and so much more going on with this administration. Approval rating 44%. I don’t think so. Just Fake news from a biased poll controlled by biased people.

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Aw shucks, it’s probably just an honest miscalculation like this was

Joe should send him packing again very easily.
A new NBC News poll released Sunday found that 34 percent of registered voters said they have a positive view of Trump, while 54 percent say they have a negative view of him. Trump’s favorability rating was at its lowest in April 2021, when his rating fell to 32 percent in the same NBC poll.

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That is hilarious. The vast majority of Americans purchase gasoline . The vast majority of Americans like their money. The vast majority of Americans know that Biden is responsible for high fuel prices and low value for their $$$

petroleum products, gas, diesel, natural gas, oils and lubricants, are the one thing that go into the cost of every product produced

When the administration took action to reduce the production, transportation and refining capacity of these products they did the one thing that has caused every product to increase in price. This harms everyone and the country. It especially harms those at the middle and lower income levels, and the retired on a fixed income. Voting them out is the best option.

Fuel costs are raising the price of everything that gets transported. And we’ll, that’s everything. One can always find a poll that they like!

Manipulated by the press.

POLLS are simply opinions coerced by the creator of the poll, obviously poll those who support your view, no big mystery there. Only a mystery to those too ignorant to use common sense scepticism.

Absolutely agree with you EasyRider, most polls you see are slanted to the bias of the poll writer.

I just find it hard to believe they are skewing the numbers so much. It seems the holdouts on the left just want to find some way to argue rather than discuss anything other than Trump bla bla bla. I know there is corruption on both sides and in the corners of congress, but that aside our Leader is a huge failure to ALL. He can not complete a sentence, His wife (or a fill in) has to hold his hand everywhere he goes, He’s linked to Hunters China and Ukraine “business” deals, He shakes hands with the air, and now we know proof positive the perverted old man took showers with his daughter at a young age and by her admission turned her into a sexual deviant. All anyone with a tad bit of intelligence has to do is look in the man’s eyes and listen to him speak and know he is in Mental decline.

The bright side you are starting to see many Democrats speaking out how bad their party has become.

Trump already has a huge! % of the poc voting block

Cp. Top Democratic data guru David Shor after the election said the decline in Hispanic support for Democrats was “pretty broad.”

MAGA Yeehaw :cowboy_hat_face:!!! SAVE AMERICA

I saw some interviews from Hispanic people, they don’t want open borders and are scared to death of the drugs and gang members crossing into America and setting up camp. Many of these people know first hand how ruthless the cartel can be.

Maybe DeSantis woke up some liberals to the b.s. of open borders. Hope he sends more their way.

The hispandex people are very unhappy with Biden because he has the border so wide open that it’s cutting into their job market and reducing their pay

Most of my guys came here illegally. They’re spending big bucks to try to become legal. They’re all for locking the border down. And most of the Mexicans are very upset because the people from Venezuela Guatemala Honduras can come to this country and get a Visa no problem. Very easy solution. Just like we did when they.
discovered the tunnels from North Korea. We went there and did patrols up and down the DMZ show a force. Let’s take a battalion Marines from 29 palms in a battalion from camp Pendleton and patrol the ■■■■ border. Set up machine gun replacements and put out some claymores. Start firing some shots that will get the message real quick.

We are taking away programs from American citizens that work and pay taxes to give to them. My oldest granddaughter is autistic. Highly functional but still autistic and need special help. They’ve done away with the programs at the schools because they can’t afford to. You ask why?
Because now they have all the programs for the illegals to teach them English. They have special classes at school and even have home tutoring.
And don’t even get me started on the Free medical Care they get.

Another example of the Dimwits crapping on their own people as USUAL.

OTC, have you noticed a decline in the service through the VA over the last 6-8 months? I’m catching heck getting appointments. Finally got to see the heart Doc after a 3 1/2 month wait. Still waiting on the eye doc.


This gots Fred all over it!


Yep. We are getting back to the Obama years when vets were dieing waiting in care.

Is this why Joe wants to now defund the FBI?

:point_down: Joe knows GOAT Trump has exposed January 6th was an FBI operation and their undercover agents murdered 2 innocent women :point_down:

here ya go on the proud boys Bay. Even on our little CFC some said (bolbie/ pollyball) they were a White supremacist group. The Mainstream media for sure said the Proud boys were a White Supremacist group. How could this be when this is the man that is the Proud boys leader…