Kamala while the other one was giggling

Kamala ! He could probably do a better job as VP

This thread needs to be in the politics forum…

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No way he could do any worse. Talk about an airhead.

Both Kamala’s had some things in common. Both are minorities and both were lousy at their jobs

If you are gonna bring up Kamala, how about Abdula the butcher?

At this point I’d rather see Giggles over Biden in office. Almost.

Nit sure about that Fred. He is a cognitive mess, she is a complete moron who has no idea how dumb she really is. Kind of like being told you have to eat a shite sandwich but you get to choose white bread or wheat. Either way it sucks.

Or the Assisains They were identical twins and you could never tell which one was supposed to be the legal man in the ring.

Cottageville used to be a speed trap town with most of the towns income coming from tickets Glad to hear they turned it around. Police should never be used as revenue collectors

Hey Nacho… Didn’t the Fabulous Moolah beat you several times even after you tried to cheat… :rofl:

Fred, do you happen to have a photo of the infamous shadow box?

No I don’t but check this old thread out… Bob got called out and NEVER responded once. But the #1 Troll tried unsuccessfully to defend him. over and over. I think OTC said it Politely and to the point. Bob has a lot of doubt in my mind.

Bob’s the only one here that has proven he is a veteran…

RBF’s really enjoying this new site’s search function… Been proving a bunch of folks as liars… It’s easy now!!!

Where is the lie?

All over again, the number one troll defends Bob. All Bob had to do was come out like a man and say yes everyone that was/is me. I’m proud of my shadow box and like to display it to complete strangers to let them Know my past. That doesn’t happen, I get called the Lowest of the low and I need to slither under Trump. I wonder if Bob realizes that Biden was also deferred from the draft 5 times for Asthma after he bragged about his high school and collage football career with the nickname dash. Let’s not forget how good a life guard he was. I guess I could ask Bob to go slither under Biden? But I won’t.

No matter how you twist it Bob has gone silent over this with only one person nobody on this sight would believe a word from supporting him.

Here is my personal apology to Bob if he is a War Hero as RBF states and I offended his service time. It still doesn’t give him a pass for personal attacks against so many CFC members in present times. I would think Bob would not want anyone that slams our military so often defending him. But maybe? People are strange.

RBF is a cancer to CFC. He goes into remision and things go smooth, he returns and it is nothing but a â– â– â– â– â–  show.

Let’s go over the whole thread if you want to be open about it. Search function works well now.

2020 - #191 by Richard_Beer_Froth

You’re a shi# stirrer Fred, plain and simple. You don’t have the balls to be a Proud Boy or Oath Keeper. All you can do is hide behind your computer, stir shi#. The same ol shi# over and over and over. Shi# Stirrer and Doll Keeper is all you can muster.
I didn’t have to answer anybody’s questions, and still don’t. I made a statement, and you say all Bob has to do is come out like a man. Bob is more of a man than all you Shi# Stirrers put together. Bob has never gone silent .
You keep talking about a discussion. Who in their right mind would want to discuss conspiracy theories and fearmongering? I had you pegged, the first post I ever did. I told you what I thought of you, and it still goes.

Come on now Fred. Start clanking on that keyboard and make your chest puff out.

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Alfredo, you are incorrigible at best… Let me put this into perspective… Bob has stated his age at 74 not too long ago… That would have put him in the Marines around 1966/67 in Vietnam… Spent prolly 1-2 years there and received medals that he only presented when he was called a liar by you and others about his service… After making fun of him and stating the medals were fake, he posted a selfie with his military picture and medals together to shut you and others up…

So, you honestly don’t believe that a Marine in Vietnam during that time period didn’t get involved in direct battle with the enemy? I believe he did, and prolly saw things that would make you puke and cry…

I stand with Bob because I do believe he was in battle, sorry you don’t… Bob actually fought for you, and you treat him like garbage… What’s next, you gonna spit on him like he prolly has already had done by folks like you… For the record, it doesn’t matter what Bob believes, Bob earned the right to say whatever he wants IMO, and is a true American hero…

I’m devastated, and prolly won’t get any sleep tonight…

Number 2

Fred. He should try to help his flunkie to increase his vocabulary.