Libs twice as ignorant as cons

From a recent survey of 2020 voters,

Among questions in which the wrong answers accorded with partisan agendas, an average of 57% of answers were liberally misinformed, while 28% were conservatively misinformed. In other words, voters were twice as likely to believe certain progressive myths than conservative ones.

Ergo, conservatives are in a much better position to make sound decisions. Cuz we’re not as stupid.

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Maybe it’s their news sources that they believe without hesitation or thought?

David Reaboi (@davereaboi) Tweeted:
They HAD to call it a “deadly riot” in order to have a bloody shirt to wave.

Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) Tweeted:
The media called January 6 a “deadly riot.” It was all bullshit. They lied to you. The only person actually killed in the riot was Ashli Babbitt. All the rest was disinformation.

The media is just more and more Riefenstahl-ish. No truth. All propaganda.

While I completely support the citizen’s right to petition their gov’t, there were a few that went to the Capital on the 6th with the intent to break the law and they did. Those that did should be identified and prosecuted for their crimes.

That having been said, the vast majority of those in the streets around the Capital and even on the grounds were law abiding citizens. Our media, and some on this forum, portray those citizens as evil insurrectionists. Therein lies the Riefenstahl-ing.

Even to the point that the media seized on the opportunity of a police officer dying of multiple strokes to spin a HUGE DELIBERATE LIE that he was killed by the crowd, hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. A little time passes. An autopsy is performed. A report is written and months later, we finally get to truth.

--------------------------- 17' Henry O Hornet w/ Johnson 88 spl 26' Palmer Scott project hull 14' Bentz-Craft w/ Yamaha 25

Got another one off their meds. What a crock of shi*. Why are other people stupid and you retards a the only ones with any sense. Well I think its the exact opposite. Always want to talk shi* about somebody.


Here is a great article that sums up the “conservative” movement… It is more about sophomoric/juvenile radical speech to irritate and provoke than it is about caring and governing our nation…

The Repubs created and initiated such discourse, and they can dish it out… But, they cry like little bitches when they get it back… Funny how they turn violent when they don’t get their way politically…

RBF Repubs Back Fascism

So sayeth the spider. Man what a hypocrite, who’s calling who retards? Then a hypocrite on calling out others spelling, meanwhile posting incorrect spelling yourself.

What you think about Maxine Water’s shenanigans? I’ve asked but you have never answered how you feel about Biden’s fiasco at the Border. I don’t think you are capable of any sort of discussion unless it is name calling or Trolling. Come on man, grow up.

Can’t argue with Mr 4.7 out of 5.0 the man who knows everything about everything. A man that smart post shi* on a “site” like this. Only place he can apply that vast knowledge. You go there Fred.


Haha, real colleges don’t use the weighted GPA scale, and there is no such thing as a 4.7 GPA… High schools use the weighted GPA scale, and perhaps lower rank colleges…

Maybe at Drumpf U they do…

RBF Repubs Back Fascism

Well what are you saying? Surely Fred don’t lie. He’s wanting to compare his. Said it was actually 4.7 out of 5.0. it might actually been Trump University where you have to have bone spurs to attend. He should confess and tell the truth for once.
What is it Fred are you going to confess? Let everybody know how you got a 4.7 when it don’t exist.


4.7" is most likely Lil’ Alfy’s wiener size when he’s excited at a Drumpf rally, or while eating a fried pork chop…

RBF Repubs Back Fascism

Ok “bend over Bob” *. Why are you avoiding questions about Maxine Waters and questions about Biden’s dementia and only answering with personal attacks ?

Also , the term “retard” is so uncouth and liberal politically incorrect and it makes you look like an uneducated, rude ignorant redneck. Are you quiet quite quit sure that you want to be seen as so ignorant**. I have a nephew that has Downs syndeome . Would you be so rude as to use the term “retard” around him

*. I did not name you this
**. Ignorant is not an insult but a description of a lack of knowledge about any given subject

Also I used different spellings of quite so you can chose which ever you think is correct. What is your choice?

Yes, you did name Bob that… I created it and it was “Bend Over Bitches”… Therefore, bend over naturegurl…

RBF Repubs Back Fascism

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BOB [/quote]

Oh the prick is back. Do you have a GPA like Mr 4.7? I don’t bully as easy as your pushing for. Loud mouth pricks are just that loudmouth. I don’t answer you pricks questions. Is that redneck enough for you MFer. If you can’t read my spelling Mr 4.7 might be able to help you out even though he can’t spell either.



No it was not weighted on a 5.0 scale like my cp classes back in high school. I recently finished my B.S. after several completed AA, AAS, and a ABA. Not all were completed with a 4.0. My applied science in Aviation was though. No bragging, just a statement. Take it as you will and twist it how you like. Yes my spelling is atrocious, funny how it bothers some grown men. Probably most is attributed to fast typing and no proof reading, but you wouldn’t care about that.

Bottom line BOB, you come on here giving me grief and calling me a liar, you call me out on a gpa, then you state I’m bragging! No sir. Not at all. If you want to go down that rabbit hole, let’s do it. You post a pic with your shadow box and boast on it, what’s the difference? I did well in school, evidently you got some medals in service as well as myself. You call others out for

OK, I know I started the name calling… (was kinda fun). But, would any of you communists like to actually read the material supplied and offer any criticisms of the study, its methodology, or logic?

Or, just descend immediately into name calling?

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You can fix ignorance with some study and education —. But you can’t fix stupid. Have you always been this way?

Y’all be nice now it’s 4:20 day and then another 15 minutes it will be 4:20 on 420 day…

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

22 life’s a day

Well Natureboy, if you go by RBF’s statement, Bob is not as smart as many civilians, nor am I, You, OTC, and the many other’s that served our Country. ~

Bob does think we are retarded, but Like I said earlier, I think Bob only needs to look in a mirror to see the real troll and retard. Opps forgot one… HYPOCRITE.