Misogynist, Racist, Doesn't pay taxes

Can you imagine how dog eared the pages are in the Democrat Campaign Playbook? I can imagine that all of the 5’8" liberal men TV propaganda news anchors sit on it during their broadcasts. Was that what was propping up that debate moderator? I’m sure Hillary was standing on a Saul Alinsky signed copy at her podium. Oh My! I was thinking that while Trump was doing his late night tweeting, who is it that issues all the news flash Democrat talking points to the media? That dude has to be working the night shift to get them out before Morning Joe goes live at 7:00 AM. Just sayin’.

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Say it ain’t so Hillbag!


First ever workplace violence incident, Wounded Knee,SD.

Aw shucks it was just a minor error


First ever workplace violence incident, Wounded Knee,SD.