North Korea and the Plague

Thinning the herd works if you thin the sick and elderly only to cure the drain, like Covid did for the Dimwits DESTRUCTION party leaders and supporters, and the rest of the world, thanks to China and the Dimwits party leaders spreading the virus, now Africa and N. Korea(aka rocket man) with the pox???

The Facist Fauci and CDC/WHO/Dimwits WILL milk this pox for ALL THEY CAN through November OF COURSE!!!

Can we say LOCKDOWNS AGAIN!!!$%#

Drumpf locked down the country…

trump tweet his decision

And… Drumpf and his administration gave PPE to China in early February 2020 to save Chinese lives instead of American ones since there was a shortage of PPE in the US…

trump ppe

Yo Bay,

Believe it or not, it looks like Kim’s Immortal Potion Of Love is working , maybe not as good as the horse medicine, the voodoo dolls, or the indian guys snake oil, but still…

I fought the mandatory mask thing tooth and nail. No mask will stop a Virus, only full suit up will work. and the 6 foot wonder distance they all wanted in store lines and such, do they believe a virus magically disappears with you step forward 6 feet into air another human has been expelling for the 15 minuets? They can all kiss the south end of a north bound Mule.

Not gonna be any lockdowns for me, unless they lock me in jail. They shut down Boat landings!!! I may be off in left field, but I really feel the whole covid thing was a litmus test on how much control the government could get away with before we started balking back.

Crazy thing is the Dang media did so much fearmongering that to this day many are still wearing masks, some even in their cars all by themselves. I think our Kids were harmed the most by it.

It baffles me when I see people in their own cars with masks on, then I think that maybe they are a lift or uber driver or whatever…but surly most of them have been just scared to death by their government into thinking that its not safe to breath fresh air.

Katie and I tried to stop by the Hoover Dam during COVID…and it was closed. The dam dam was closed.

Its a weird time in this world right now.

Yeah, I hear you, but what about that Immortal Potion Of Love?

appears to be some pretty big juju is all I’m saying

Ef, All I can say is the mind is a powerful thing. Some of these Tribes and groups that Believe in Juju beads and such may actually force themselves to believe they work. I don’t believe in an inanimate object hurting, protecting, or curing me, but I do have a cross hanging from my rearview mirror as a reminder who I believe is in control.

Charms have been used through history, even the Bible speaks of “magic” and witches. To each there own. The numbers out from the CDC say a mask may give you a 10% better chance than not wearing one around a covid patient for under 10 minutes. I’m good with 90% and not wearing a face diaper.

Lol :joy: glad to hear that!


But he said such …

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Step right up folks, place your bets.

In this corner wearing safron and green we have theTimes of India

And in the far corner we have The Stimson Center wearing a red, white, and blue robe and waving old glory.

You buys yo ticket, you takes yo chances

…its like the old days when the preacher on the AM early morning bible hour would say, "Put one hand on the radio brother, and put the other hand on what ailes you. Let the Lords Immoral Potion Of Love wash away the plague and be washed in the blood of the lamb.

Then static and skip takes over and you change back over to WLS