Politics over science over the last few decades

In the sixties it was Oil will be gone in 10 years, in the 70’s another Ice age in 10 years, in the 80’s it was acid rain would destroy all the crops (that one scared the crap out of me!) in 10 years, in the 90’s it was the Ozone layer would be destroyed and everyone would get skin cancer in 10 years, in 2000’s it was all the glaciers would melt , in 2010 the east and west coast would be under water in 10 years, …

None of this came true, but it did result in higher Taxes.

And now we find out (by their own admission) that the CDC totally blew it on Covid. Man, if you can’t trust the “experts”, who can you trust?

But the left are doing their best to destroy him just like everything else that tells them their actions & daily lives are wrong.
If things keep up the way they have for the past few years we will be destroyed by our own hand long before we poison this planet to the point of no return.


I remember getting taught Critical thinking in school. They don’t do it anymore. Some actual critical thinking and good common sense can go a long way. Common sense will tell you that a mask does not protect from a virus if you have critical thinking skills and look at the science. Now the CDC confirms this as masks help less than 5%.

Now we have the Monkey pox fearmongering. The science says that you have a 2% chance of catching it if a household member has it. It’s spread by actual contact from a lesion. Casual sex with multiple partners seems to be the big spreader common in the gay community. Kind of like aids.

Fred, your comment ““HIGHER TAXES”” as a result is on target, the Dimwits DESTRUCTION party leaders are always looking for ways to INCREASE TAXES, and govt. income, for their outrageous programs???

The midnight raid, popularly known as the “Boston Tea Party,” was in protest of the British Parliament’s Tea Act of 1773, a bill designed to save the faltering East India Company by greatly lowering its tea tax and granting it a virtual monopoly on the American tea trade. The low tax allowed the East India Company to undercut even tea smuggled into America by Dutch traders, and many colonists viewed the act as another example of taxation tyranny.