Prominent Congressman Mondaire Jones

Congressman Jones now says he is behind the 20 FBI whistleblowers and that the FBI needs to be purged of all the upper level that has turned the agency into a weaponized unit to only attack President Biden’s political opposition

Wow, old boy needs to get a go fund me page and I’ll donate if they terminate his employment. Let’s hope he doesn’t get Epsteined.

Congressman Jones says FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin is proof the FBI is targeting MAGA voters and The greatest President in the history of the world Donald J Trump and their hatred must be stopped and he intends to lead the way

Congressman Jones says this video changed his mind about the events told to him by a drunken Nancy Pelosi

Ray Epps is a poor schmuck being protected by democrats that have never ever ever used a hoax in congress as a basis to persecute their political opposition