Russian ambassador to Turkey assassinated

holy cow

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nasty…but where’s the Ambassador’s blood?

Didn’t see the video so I don’t know where he was hit but, contrary to popular belief, not all bullet wounds result in copious amounts of blood. I have seen gunshot victims with a bullet hole and almost no blood. I could tell you a hilarious story about a guy that was shot and no one even realized it because he was so drunk.

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”, but really, who cares?

Please tell us about the drunk dude that got shot…

I could tell you a hilarious story about a guy that was shot and no one even realized it because he was so drunk.

There is no proof Reagan was drunk … [:0]

They said he was shot 9 times in the back! I could also tell you about a guy that shot himself in the head with a 12 gage and very little blood!

Okay, in a nutshell. A buddy of mine was sent (during an ice storm) to a CDV call at a house. When he got there, everyone was in some state of intoxication. While trying to figure out what was going on, one big guy kept interrupting. My buddy and the other deputy kept telling the guy to sit down and be quiet. After a few minutes and several more interruptions from the big guy, they figured out who the aggressor was and arrested him (it wasn’t the big guy). As they are trying to leave, the big guy is yelling at them incoherently with a lot of sprinkled in profanity. They tell the guy to sit down and be quiet and then leave.

Not long after booking their prisoner into the jail, he gets another call and is sent back to the same address for a gunshot victim. At this point, the roads are treacherous so he makes his way there slowly and carefully, getting a little ticked off as he drives. He arrives and waits for backup and they go in. They begin questioning who is shot and the occupants point to the big drunk guy from before. When they ask him where he was shot he pulls up his shirt and sure enough, they see a small hole in his belly and no blood. They ask him when he got shot and he says a couple of hours ago. The deputies look at each other and then say B.S., we we just here less than an hour ago. The big drunk guy says, “I know, I tried to tell you the last time you were here”. They both felt a little bad.

Sure enough, the original aggressor had shot the big guy in the belly with a .32. They guy ended up being fine but I still laugh when my buddy tells the story. Maybe it’s just morbid cop humor. You’d have to have been involved in these “entire family drunkfests” to really get the flavor.

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”, but really, who cares?

If you google around the interwebs, the full video exists. You can see where he’s shot in the back and a bullet passes through. Russia will be having some Turkey for Christmas.

When I was in my late teens I belonged to a VFD! At that time to be a medical first responder, you only had to have a level 1 Red Cross certification, which I had! We were called out one night, to a reporter gun shot! When we got there a lady directed us down to the basement! She was yelling, Do something for him, Do something for him! We looked at the old guy laying on the floor with a shotgun laying between his legs! One look, said he was dead! The old fellow had sat on a stool and put the shotgun between his legs and pulled the trigger! Hardly any blood but he was stone cold dead! He had been there for awhile! We got there before the State Boys and they finally showed up! The cop picked up the shotgun and broke it open and couldn’t get the casing to extract! He got a screw driver and pried it out! When it came out, it made a slow swopp sound! I watched as the casing came out, followed by a long tube of Jello! A barrel full of Jello! When we realized what it was, the cop threw up! The whole time the lady was yelling, Do something for him! When the Coroner got there and we could move the body we saw what had happened! The old guy couldn’t reach the trigger! What we saw was a scallop, in the bridge of his nose, kind of like if you drug a spoon across some ice cream! At the top of his nose dead between the eyes was a perfect hole! He had shot himself and the fallen forward onto the gun barrel and bleed out into it! Somethings, you can never forget! r