Slavery Reparations

Nothing about Indentured Servants :thinking:

That lady heartily ate Don Lee-mon’s lunch!

Am all for complete reparations if anyone in the US today can prove that they were actually a slave.

When Barry was king all you needed was a dark skin and a potted plant to get 50k check reparations

They should file their claims with the nation of Dahomey and the Women Kings for reparations

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If any diluted relative of a slave wants reparations they need to go to the source. The Chieftains in Africa that sold them to the slavers. It was a nasty time in our history that is gone, but some just can’t let it be. NO ONE alive was a part of it. If anything all descendants of Slaves should bless them for the suffering they endured to let them be part of this Great Nation.

How many of you are descendants of Irish or other “slaves” that came over as indentured servants? I wonder when reparations for those folks will be discussed? Paying people money just because they are descendants of slaves is ridiculous but, it is just another in a long list of ways the left is brain-washing people and buying votes. Excusing student loan debt is another.

Slavery is big business in America the pedophiles just changed the name to trafficking so it doesn’t sound so bad

Groomers are the new African Chieftains

I’m a direct descendant of both slave owners and of slaves, and of native Americans. They can all be traced back through our little family cemetery in Moncks Corner.

I guess I should pay myself.

If anyone ever actually took the time and research family lineages, I mean really dug through it, you’d realize that racism is silly. We’re all mutts.

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“We are all mutts.”

None of us is pure bred.

Growing up I thought our family was mostly Scandinavian/British Isles/German. Decade or so back my parents both did that 23 and me thing. Turns out I have some Persian and Middle Eastern/North African in me.

All of us have a little of nearly everything.

Follow any of our ancestries back and they all go back to Africa.

My mother was an orphan. It is suspected that she was Jewish. I don’t want to know.

Irish, Cherokee, and English. Heinze 57. My grandmother has told me how terrible it was to have Indian in you back in the day and my Grandfather told me the suffering of the Irish after the Potato famine and how bad they were treated in America.

It seemed to me that before Obuma, things were really going well in the terms of racial indifference. Now with this new administration under the leader ship of Biden race division is becoming a real issue. People think Biden is a good dude. I don’t know why. He has called little black children cockroaches, called the segregated schools jungles that he would not allow his kids to go to, and even call a high ranking member of the KKK his mentor. Nothing but truth. Why people let their hate of Trump overshadow and overlook the pure evil of Biden is beyond me. Now the dishonesty of Biden is just turning into dementia as he leads our country in the ground. Oh yea, let’s not forget about him showering with his daughter and by her admission turning her into a sexual deviant.

Prominent Congressman Mondaire Jones says TV star Byron Allen is creating discourse by filing a frivolous lawsuit against McDonald’s just in an attempt to resurrect his dismal failing career as a C actor relegated to infomercials. He is also seeding unfounded racism to feed democrats and their supporters some new red meat!

Communists and Race

How communist groups seek to divide the world under the banner of fighting racism

Trevor Loudon
Communists long ago realized that it’s difficult to achieve the social disintegration needed to ready a country for communist revolution by promoting class division alone.

Class is amorphous; it can change within a generation. In a free society, an ambitious individual can rise from beggar to billionaire in a lifetime. Class is an unreliable wedge issue for revolutionaries, especially in Western free-market societies.

Ethnic, religious, and especially racial differences are more stable. The divisions are deeper; the differences, more obvious; and their histories, more imbued with bitterness and hatred. Few people care that their grandparents were poor, but many might care that they were slaves or dispossessed of their ancestral lands by a rival racial or ethnic group. Such resentments can last for generations.

Therefore, modern Marxist-Leninists have consistently, even scientifically, exploited ethnic and racial divisions to achieve revolutionary ends. …

They call your kind Brass Ankles

Them, not me.

INJUNS!!! Hide the chil’ren 'n women folk! INJUNS!!!

I did have my tackle box and fishin’ rods stole out my jon boat overnite at the end of Cardinal Lane, Edisto R. down thar in the “Pocket” around 1986?

Jus kiddin around

I also have english and russian in me.

Be careful comrade.

My dad’s people left Southern Russia to escape fighting in civil war against their neighbors in the late 1800s. They were poor poor dirt farmers. Fled to Canada, Saskatchewan actually, because the government was giving land away to anyone that would come farm. I think they got 100 acres. From there, they eventually made their way into California. The Navy eventually brought his side to Charleston.

Mom’s side, I can trace back to the 1600s, Charleston to Monkeys Corner mainly, but i had family from Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia in that time.

Like I said, we’re all mutts.