Soros' Legal Team

George Soros hates America. It is Soros’ intention to bring about the destruction of America in his lifetime. It’s destruction outweighs what follows that as far as Soros is concerned…he’ll be dead. That doesn’t leave much time folks! Soros’ plan is based on a strategy to flood America with Anti Western/American immigrants through an “Open Borders” policy disguised as “Free Trade” by complicit progressive political elites.
Mr. Soros’ plan includes a similar fate for Western Europe, and he has had a large degree of success to date. The plan is to create chaos in the sub Saharan continent, destabilize the Middle East, and create huge egress from these areas through migration routes(Tripoli is an example) created for the express purpose of “refugee” resettlement into the Western cultures. These "refugees’ are largely made up of “Fighting Age” males who have been generationaly indoctrinated with Islamic cultural values, and in many cases, radical Caliphate seeking fundamentalists who will kill innocents for the glory of Allah, and the return of the Caliphate.
The 1st part of Soros’ plan is working quite well. Witness France , England, Germany, Belgium, etc. The 2nd part of the plan is for these fighting age male refugees to out breed(Western Europe population replacement rates have fallen below sustainability brought about by socialist political policy…ie abortion) the existing native populations via intimidation, and eventually flip the social structure of these countries via sheer numbers. Sharia law follows, and the necessary transformation is complete.
America has been following the Soros’ agenda in lockstep for the past 30 years…accelerating over the last 10 years. Then along comes Trump. Wham!! Trump knows the Soros plan, and has plans of his own to defeat it, and “Make America Great Again”. Soros is freaking out!!! He ramps up his funding of various anarchists groups, and Hollywood Elites to rage and riot in order to create the aura of resistance to the Trump counter punch. Soros’ progre

Wonder where Soros lives:question: If he’s in America, he can be got to :face_with_head_bandage:

Easy…He’s not in America my friend. He’s got a son, and a devoted, corrupted cohort of blind zealots worldwide who will do his bidding regardless of where he resides.
If Trump can succeed in bringing back true economic growth, in the range of 4%, then he will have the momentum to implement the ascendance of traditional American values, and the adherence of the rule of law as defined by the constitution. That is the cleansing sunlight of freedom that will defeat Soros and the radical ideology of progressivism/socialism/communism here at home. God help the rest of the world.

I remember getting 4% on my savings account at the Bank. Many years ago. Anymore what good is a bank, other than a place to send your direct deposit.

Soros, by his own admission, believes that the principle obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States, and that capitalism is the main enemy to what he calls an open society.

And to boot, Soros is an Atheist.

“If Bruce Jenner can keep his wiener and be called a woman, I can keep my firearms and be considered disarmed.”

A rich Atheist that likes to rino hunt

When it comes to wanting to be a career politician, you’re always in campaign financing mode.

Hey Bay…As I said…“Follow the money”. This isn’t about Democrats and Republicans, it’s about Capitalism and Communism. Communism requires a cleansing of opposing ideology in order to take control. What better way than to out breed the decedents of John Locke with a 12th century Tribal culture inculcated with subserviance, and civil liberty abuse whose foundational tenets of their religious beliefs commands them to kill the infidel. A billion Muslims is a fair sized army of future cheap labor for the grist mill of communist world domination.