TDSer’s Threats of Violence

Today’s TDSers start off with name calling and smears before progressing to violence. The TDSers appear to be mentally unstable based off the evidence of their progressive activities.

Best part about TDS is that mental health diseases/syndromes are named after the first person diagnosed with it…

Coming from the folks that were literally seeking to hang the VP of US…


The comparison of Jan 6 to the George Floyd riots and the Trump inauguration riots are pale in actual destruction cost, violence and murders.

Haha, the left’s was a civil rights protest, and the right’s was a coup… But yeah, they’re the same… :clown_face:

Current activities not from an FBI planned operation with Ray Epps

These TDSers could have killed Loren Boebert when they were arrested by her office after Adam Schiff let them in without permission or notifying the proper security channels. This is a real insurrection and all parties need to be held without bond just like the J 6 Americans. Colbert’s show must be canceled and he must be arrested as a colluder inciting violence against Capitol members.

Jury Convicts Syracuse Man For Threatening to Kill Former President Barack Obama and U.S. Representative Maxine Waters | USAO-NDNY | Department of Justice

Barack Obama faces 30 death threats a day, stretching US Secret Service (

President Obama Assassination Attempts & Death Threats List (

The system works for Obama but not others why is that?

This is terrible they could have killed someone during their insurrection.

Yeah, I bet Colbert’s “mob” came loaded with jokes and whoopee cushions… “We’re here to make you laugh to death”… :clown_face:

The Colbert insurrection could have killed a sitting Congress Woman, these are violent maniacs as evidence in the Trump inauguration riots and the George Floyd riots

First The Colbert Insurrection now this

Yo liberals live in an alternative life y’all.

Bay, why is it that so many think the over turning of roe vs wade will end abortion?

Probably the same reason forcing vaccines wasn’t a my body my choice in their minds.

More to the point it’s cultural rot caused by the government’s new deal policies removing a father figure.

Look at the perverted immorality of teachers in public schools having sex with their students, teaching them that queers are acceptable and encourage sex changes. School libraries banning religious based books but allowing graphic pornography. No prayers allowed but drag queens promoted.

Feel free to add more to the list.

When the left breaks the law they get to minimize it and say it was all a big joke. Their trained seals will clap acceptance and project on to the opposition. Sorta like when Soros elected DAs give light sentences to convicts that kill an innocent Americans after being released.

The difference between Colbert’s crew and many of the protesters during the 6th. Many of the Protesters were motioned in by security and police officers. Colbert’s crew was not, they were trespassing and should be charged as such. It’s all a big joke now it happened to them.

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Haha, Colbert’s folks were armed with jokes and whoopie cushions…


Cp. Why isn’t the Unselect Committee of political Thugs, who have criminalized Justice to a level never seen before in our Country, going after the people who illegally SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN? Why aren’t they calling Nancy Pelosi, or the D.C. Mayor, who are IN CHARGE OF SECURITY, to ask why they turned down 10,000-20,000 National Guard Troops, or Soldiers, prior to January 6? Why won’t they discuss the massive voter fraud and irregularities that took place in the Election, the reason Jan 6 happened?

The truth is on TruthSocial

Democrat operatives threatening women