The real racist

Caryn Johnson (AKA Whoopi) has proven many times that she is a race hating anger filled witch. Her crack that the Holocaust was not about race exposed not only her racist attitude but her ignorance

The most wildly racist thing lately is Black history month. This should be abolished. Incredibly rasist and is segregating to separate history by race.

Did everyone get their Biden crack pipe?

It is my hope that CFC can recover from the damage done by the trouble makers . I do not miss the vile name calling and insulting posters
It is my hope that CFC can recover from the damage done by the trouble makers . I do not miss the vile name calling and insulting posters

Goldberg and her ilk are immune for the most part from being held responsible for the vile crap that spews from their big mouths. When the left says it, it is a “mistake”, when the right says it, it is an unpardonable sin that should result in losing your job, the ruination of your career and banishment. Ah the tolerant left. What hypocrites.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

Whoopi took the Goldberg name as a slam to the Jewish community. Any one remember her cook book “Cooking in the Litchfield Hills” in the early 90’s?

Most of Hollywood is coming out of the wood work to defend her and “free speech”.

Why was Roseanne Barr fired, but whoopi defended? Racism?

Jen Psaki tells Spotify to silence Joe Rogan. I hope the 81 million that voted for Joe Biden wake up and see the lies they have been told and put a finger down their collective thoughts and vomit up all the Kool aid.

I don’t know much about KETANJI BROWN JACKSON, she may be the best thing for our Law system ever or not. What I know is Biden choose her ONLY because she is a Black Woman. How is that NOT rasist and unfair? If Biden had any sense he would have just said I’ve went through many candidates and found Mrs. Jackson to be the most qualified.

If Mrs. Jackson had some integrity she should announce to America that she refuses to take the position just because She is Black. If you want me on the Supreme Court, put me there on my Merit.

Just to be clear, I’m all for the MOST qualified person, not a skin color. I would care less if it was a legless Purple people eater, I don’t see color over qualifications, dedication, and hard work. I’ve had Black supervisors and respected them more than many White ones I’ve had. This privilege crap needs to stop.

Biden sucks hog ballz.

She’s all in for murdering black babies and taking away your 2nd A rights

FJB broke constitutional law by announcing he would only choose a designated skin colored female who just happened to be Paul Ryan’s SIL

Impeachable offense

God bless the People’s Convoy due in DC Saturday

First question for her for nomination… Do you Support BLM? A known Socialist organization that has no idea where 60 million dollars donated to them went. Among other most questionable issues including a complete support of Marxist Ideology, support of defunding police, and full support of radical protests to include burning, looting, maiming Law officers, and general mayhem.

Here’s my guess, the Right will back down (minus a couple) and not say anything to interfere with such Racist B.S.