To you, who have served

I have not. 'Plain vanilla civilian. But, my father, my son, nephew, niece, and several long friends have and do. I see the strain that it puts on people, marriages, families, and individuals. We owe you who’ve served an enormous unpayable debt. I don’t know how to convey how wrong it is for our govt to talk about moving resources from the VA to dealing with illegal aliens. I feel for all who need help and believe we should help. But, not at the expense of those to whom we’ve made enormous and sacred commitments.


Senators congressman President and vice President should have to have served in the military.
When sleepy Joe was looking at his watch when our Marines come home says all you need to know…

Can anyone say tar and feathers…

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

So many things this administration is doing to destroy moral In the Working Back Bone of America. Military or Civilian. I’d like for all those that were so dead against Trump and all up in Biden’s Arse to explain What good Biden has done for our Country. and no Trump bla bla bla. Biden is just a dead puppet on a string playing the flute while the lemurs jump off the cliff. The Southern Border is no border anymore. Just a wide open area for the rest of the World to bring in drugs and crime to America. No telling how many terrorist cells from all areas of the World have slipped in and set up camp. This IMO is just the tip of the Ice Berg.

Biden has probably opened the door for a new Trump or Desantis presidency and Durham has slammed the door on Hillary’s political carrier. The liberals are in a circle pointing outward in complete disarray. the mess Biden has made will take a great effort to clean up.

And about fuel prices , Trump clearly understood how fuel prices function. He made OPEC an offer they couldn’t refuse and he opened the spigot on US oil production to the point that we didn’t need to import oil from anyone. Trump knew that pipelines were the best way to transport oil. Ships and one truckload at a time drive the oil price and carbon footprint higher. All you liberals think about this while driving your coal powered electric vehicles


Oh, lord, off the medication already? :joy:

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Germany been trying green energy gimmicks for 30 years and now are going back to coal.

Green energy cost requires the same type of math that is used to forecast things like polar ice melt and sea level rise and other climate emergencies.

In a recent trip from Eastern Virginia traveling thru eastern NC I saw a solar panel farm that must have been 2 miles long and I don’t know how deep that was smashed probably 70% loss by a hail storm. Enjoy driving your coal powered EV. Trump knew how to do this. Drill and pump our own oil transport it thru pipelines Tell OPEC to kiss off